Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Training Week 2

So today begins week 2 of training at Michael's Fitness.  I've really enjoyed my time there so far.  Thursday is D-Day.  Or actually W-Day.  Weigh in to be exact.  It's a double whammy!  Weigh in for our facebook weight-loss challenge and weigh in at the gym(you know the kind that is going to go on my "chart").  Yes, I am pretty sure there is a chart with my name on it.  And I can promise you the stats recorded on my chart rank high on the ugly chart.  Even though I am not an Oprah watcher anymore, Oprah likes to talk a lot about going into her "ugly cry."  Well, I will try to contain myself and not go into the "ugly cry" over my waist size.    Even after today, when he asked me if I wanted to take a before/after picture in my sports bra.   Hmmm....  Maybe you heard my laughter.  Will the woman whose stomach was stretched to unimaginable proportions like to take a before/after picture with her shirt off?  Oh, a resounding HECK NO!  So, I took the picture...shirt ON of course!  

On the G-Free front, I've discovered the world of protein shakes:  

Odwalla juice.  My friend, Yunus, who I went to Baylor with, turned me on to this tiny protein shake with a punch.  The chocolate is sinfully good.  Watch yourself though..it is a 300 calorie splurge.  But, if you are counting it as a meal...not bad at all.  

Otherwise, 1 cup soymilk, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, and 2 tsp cinnamon can do the trick!