Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today I was nominated for "Mother of the Year!"  Fine, you're right!  Not only was I NOT nominated, but I felt about an inch tall when dropping my kids off at school.  We arrive to the classroom door to a sea of turquoise shirts.  Turquoise shirts as far as the eye could see, except for the 3 dots of red (being my children) entering the classroom.  Now, it's hard for me to believe that I am the "only" mom who has ever forgotten anything in regards to their kids school.  Am I? Am I? Well you would have thought that no mother ever in the history of this school has ever (except for me) not read a note that was sent home.  Fine! It happened to be a note that apparently went something like:

On Wednesday, October 21st your child's class will be going on a field trip.  We are going to the pumpkin patch and they must be wearing their new turquoise shirts.  Also, send $2 for pumpkins.  And please return one permission slip per child and please fill in all the blanks (no skipping Mrs. Kirkland).  

Ohhhhh.  I didn't realize I had been labeled a "blank skipper."  But, apparently there is a sign on my back that says Stupid!  Follow me here, I'm venting. 

So, I arrive to find that my children are going on a field trip that apparently was announced via note (via a note that I did not read).  So, the teacher and I had this conversation.  Let me preface this with the "you're a poor pitiful, unorganized mom tone" that was directed at me while I was given the "rundown" of all the things I apparently "just...couldn't....get...right."

Me:  Hi, how are you today (glancing at the sea of turqoise in curiosity).
Her:  (Careful condescending tone) Are your kids not able to attend the fieldtrip today?
Me:  (deer in headlights look) Fieldtrip?
Her:  Yeah, today is our first fieldtrip.  
Me:  Where are they going?
Her:  Across the parking the pumpkin patch
Me:  Oh, I had no idea.  Sure, they can go.
Her:  You should have brought permission slips.
Me:  Well, I will sign one now.
Her:  They were in your bag last week (smirk)
Me:  Oh, well if you have extras I can sign them now.
Her:  They have to be wearing their shirt too.
Me:  Shirt?
Her:  They were rolled the backpack...with the permission slips.
Me:  Well, I can go home and get those. I will go home and get them both.  I'll be back.
Her:  We are leaving by 10 so.....
Me:  Well, I only live 5 minutes away.  I'll be right back.
Her:  You have to fill out all three slips. No skipping any blanks. 

Apparently, I am an embarrassment, a blank skipping, unorganized mother.  Would someone like to put a star on my sticker chart?

Vent over.


Jan said...

Welcome to the club!

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. Yeah, really!