Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pass the Prayers Please?

Please keep my family in your prayers.  My aunt Cindy is going in bright and early tomorrow morning to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  She found out a few months ago that she had breast cancer.  At one point they said it had not spread, now they are looking at a spot on her ribs.  She will be in surgery for eight hours tomorrow.  It will be a very long recovery and then she will have to begin chemotherapy.  

My brother is also having some tests run this week.  He possibly had a seizure on Monday and is scheduled for an EEG to verify or rule it out.  He had epilepsy as a young child, but has not had a seizure in almost 20 years.  We certainly do not want them to come back - EVER!  

We will take all the prayer you can pass our way.