Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, it has occurred to me that I may have perpetuated some "ideas" about Texans with my blog this week.  When I was attending Baylor, it always surprised me to hear educated young minds who really and truly believed that Texans (all Texans) had a horse and carriage saddled up in the back yard.  They believed the yard was more like a "farm" and so on and so on.  Now, don't get me wrong; there ARE farms, cows, horses, and cowboys that do live here.  And good people might I add.  But, I've never said the word "howdy" in my life like many of my ex-Bears believed.  Now, there is a certain college that was approximately 60 miles down the road from Baylor that has been known to run words like "howdy" and "gig'em" in the ground.  But, we won't name names (especially since there are a few of those that read my blog).  

So, it occurred to me that our one week of "dress up" might actually confuse some of my "non-Texan" readers. So, let me clarify to any of my readers that are "non-Texans".  We are actually not Cowboys everyday.  Or really EVER... not at my house anyway.  Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun "dressing up like cowboys and "cowboygirls" as Laci called herself, but we are really just big fakers.  So, don't be getting the idea that we saddle up our horse and giddy up to the Chevron to pick up a Coke.  Although we have been known to make midnight runs to the Chevron for some icecream, we don't ride our horse there.  And actually, when I say "our horse," well that's figurative as well, because we don't have a horse at all.  Unless, you count the one's we decorated for the stick horse competition (which we didn't win anything but a participation ribbon...even after we spent hours in the heat...almost having heat strokes...) but we didn't and we dont' have horses or a horse to our name.  We do have a golf cart that resides elsewhere that we treat kind of like a horse I suppose.  We all saddle up on the golf cart and parade through the pasture for fun.  Oh, the pasture doesn't belong to us either (don't worry), it belongs to the grandparents.  We do have grandparents and they are pretty great.  And great-grandparents too!  But, sadly we are not cowboys, and we don't have horses, or pastures to our name.  BUT, we do live in a pretty great state called Texas and the occasional horse, cow, and cowboy can be seen from time to time.  So, I'll let you sleep on that for the night!