Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fall Vegetable

Me:  Okay (talking to Laci and Leyton), let's say our scripture.  Ready.
Them:  Yeah!
Me:  God...
Them:  God ...
Me:  God is...what?
Leyton:  (In a very matter of fact tone)...clean!
Me:  Did you say clean?
Leyton:  No, I mean yeah! He's clean.
Me:  I imagine He is quite clean.  But, how about.  God  1 John 4:8
Laci:  Tell me a story!
Me:  Okay, let's sing Zaccheus (so we all sing along).
Leyton:  WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.  
Laci:  Okay, let's sing "Somewhere Out There" (she and I proceed in high-pitch off key unison)...
Us together:  ..."Beneath the paaaalllleeee moonlight!"  
Leyton:  I SAID TO WAIT!!!!
Me:  Why?
Leyton:  Because it is time to go to the vegetable.  
Me:  The what?
Leyton:  (Very seriously).  Mommy, we got to go to the vegetable at church where we will wear our costumes and get candy.
Me:  Oohhh...the Fall Festival.  Yes, we are going there Saturday!