Monday, October 5, 2009

Can you hear it?

Can you hear it?  Go ahead.  Sit there for a second and listen.  Do you hear that lion off in the distance?  Can you hear it roaring?  Oh wait, that is my stomach.  That is my stomach...growling.  That is my stomach screaming at me actually.  It's saying, "1631 calories a day?! Have you lost your mind woman?"  

Well, the Facebook Weightloss Challenge is in full swing.  And just in case you were wondering, a resounding yes, this is a made-up game.  Need to lose weight?  Try my weight loss solution better known as "public scorn and humiliation."  I truly believe this works for me.  Why?  I am playing on my own weaknesses as a person.  I "care" about what people think of me.  Plain and simple.  Can I please everyone?  No!  Do I care about what people think of me?  Probably more than I should.  Consider this a very "transparent" post.  So, what better way to whip my eating habits into shape - play on two of my biggest fears:  fear of embarrassment and fear of criticism.  Anybody with me?  Do I stand alone in this?  

So, other contestants and I have been going strong for 4 days now.  We log our food onto our facebook pages for the world to see.  Weigh in is Thursday.  I will post everyone's progress, shortcomings, or stagnant weights on my blog.  Then, we can all cheer or scold each other! :)

So, in all honesty, I am feeling the pressure.  I mean, after all, I did make up this game.  So, I should probably do better than everyone, right?  Hmm...can you see the sweat on my brow?  Or maybe you can hear my stomach growling from where you sit?  Did you hear me gasp this morning when I got off the scale and there was only a 0.6 weight loss?  The gasp was a gasp of disgust, not triumph.  So, what have I been eating?  Here's a few ideas in case you are low on new recipes.  Remember, I have to eat "wheat free" due to allergies.  

Lemon butter fish:

I cooked 4 fish filets (for me and Mickey- one of our contestants) at our office the other day.  I chopped up about 4 stalks of green onion, 1/2 fresh tomato.  Olive oil in the skillet - sautee them until they are almost completely cooked.  Add your fish to the pan.  Mix together about 1/4 stick melted butter, parsley, lemon juice, and garlic salt (amounts are up for personal preference).  Season fish as desired.  Pour lemon/butter mixture over the fish.  It all cooked up in about 10 minutes on medium heat.  

Broccoli Slaw:
1 bag broccoli slaw from produce section at your local grocery store. 
Prepare as bag says (mayo, salt, pepper, 2 tblsp of vinegar).  

*This makes an excellent side (tastes like coleslaw).

Turkey Chilli

1 pound of turkey
1 red onion
1 red bell pepper
1 can rotel
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce

*Cook meat, onion, and red pepper together.  Add other ingredients after cooked thoroughly.  I season with chilli powder, garlic salt, salt, cilantro leaves, paprika.  I also cooked rice for mine.  Top with low-fat cheese if desired.  
*Although I call this "chilli" it actually cooks up like a hearty tomato soup with meat.  Quite tasty if I do say so myself.  

Okay!  All this talk of food is really making me hungry.  I ate dinner at 5:30 pm tonight which is waaayy too early for a girl that blogs late.  No more talk of food tonight.  Til tomorrow, good night!