Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Whale of a Time

We had a whale of a time tonight, doing just that- playing with whales.  To be exact, 3 whales, an octopus, a seal, a walrus, and a shark.   I was the shark.  My name was Bruce and I was attending the "Fish are friends, not food" meeting just like the shark on Finding Nemo.  Laci got a kick out of that.  Seth was the Blue Whale and all the Blue Whale wanted to do was sword fight with Bruce (body to body).  Blue Whale won after my finger got in the way of one of the attacks (Bruce fell to the ground).  Laci was the "Hunkcack" whale that happened to be the adopted mother to her pink pig.  The pig was an apparent phenom as he could hold his breath and live under the water with the whales, the octopus, seal, walrus, Blue Whale, and Bruce.  I've never seen the likes of such an amazing pig.  Leyton joined us as well.  He was the Octopus.  Octopus and Bruce were able to maintain a civil friendship.  Then, Blue Whale got a "growing pain" according to Seth.  Seth said that Blue whale was "havin' a growin' pain right here (pointing to Blue Whales mouth area)."  Poor Blue Whale has growing pains just like Seth does in his knees.  I sympathize with these pains as I had them severely growing up.  Since Blue Whale was having growing pains, Octopus also started to have a problem with his finger (conveniently just like Leyton's finger that got hurt on my Elliptical Machine).  Apparently, there are Elliptical Machines in the deep blue as well (the gospel according to Leyton anyway).