Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swiper No Swiping!

Sometimes Robb and I wonder what goes on in the mind of this child?  What an angel sitting in a serene chapel in the hills of Arkansas.  We cannot read his mind, but he must have prayed to break free of the bondage of shyness.  Seth is out of his shell.  Silent Seth is out.  Speech Communication Seth is in.  

We knew he liked cars.  We know he likes speed.
We know he loves to golf like Tiger.
And we know that he is left-handed like his daddy (Robb says left-handed people don't just march to a different beat, he says they make their own..hehe).  

But, who could have ever guessed that Seth likes to talk? This transformation of self did not happen to me until junior high.  I was shy until 5th grade.  Fifth grade brought me out of my shell of silence.  Silent Seth has gone and Speech Communication Seth has arrived (I guess it's an honest acquisition since his mom, aunt, and uncle all have degrees in it from the same university)!

An ambulance zoomed passed us today...

Seth:  Heeyy!  Whats dat right there?
Me:  That's an ambulance.  They go help sick people.
Seth:  Yeah, dat ambuwance go and take those sick people to the doctor.

A U-HAUL van passes us a few minutes later...

Seth:  Heeey!  I see another ambulance right there on the rooaad (pronounced ra-ode).
Me:  No, baby that is a U-HAUL truck.  It moves people.
Seth:  Yeah, I see that UHAUL ambuwance going to move people.  

We pull up to the stop-light a few blocks from our house...

Seth:  Mommy, where did that finish line go?
Me:  What finish line?
Seth:  That car over there beside us is covering up my finish line.

We start to turn left onto our street...

Seth:  Ooohhhh wait!  I see my finish line.  It's right there.  Bye bye finish line.  

I guess when I brought Seth back Swiper the Fox from Las Vegas (that was his beanie baby souvenir from Dora the Explorer); I guess Swiper swiped his silence.  Sneaky little fox! Swiper no Swiping!