Saturday, September 19, 2009

Once upon a time according to....

Leyton:  (Bringing me an etch-a-sketch with a straight line on it)..."Look! It's a princess in the castle!" 

Me:  "Wow!  What an artist you are! Good job."
Leyton:  (Drawing another straight line beside the first).."Yeah, princess lives in the castle and she's scared."
Me:  "Oh, no, why is she scared?"
Leyton:  (Drawing a circle beside her).  "She needs juice!"

Typical.  Leyton is obsessed with juice.  It doesn't matter if he just downed 3 glasses.  Leyton "needs juice."  Hurt feelings.  "I need juice."   Hurt finger.  "I need juice."  Boredom.  "I need juice."  As I am typing this (seriously)..."I need some juice!"  Seriously...he just had some (I promise)!

Once upon a time....

Me:  "Laci, look  I got you a new shirt!"
Laci:  "It's got words on it!"  
Me:  "Yeah, it says "Once upon a time...!"
Laci:  "Ohhhh...once upon a time, there was a little girl named Laci who lived in a castle and sang "Somewhere Out There!"

Typical.  Laci is obsessed with the song "Somewhere Out There"  from the movie "American Tail."  Laci can you sing us a song...(sings)...somewhere out there..neath the pale (pitch that only dogs can hear) moon-light.  Someone's ta-tinking of me and woving me tonight!"  
Me: Laci, can you sing another song? 
Laci: No, I sing Somewhere Out There!
Me: Laci, sing Twinkle, Twinkle.  
Laci: No, you not gonna make me sing Twinkle Twinkle!
Me: Please, teach us another song!
Laci:  (Crossing arms over body)..." I sing Somewhere Out There (sings loudly and VERY off-key)...SOMEWHERE OUT THERE..."

Once upon a time....

Frankly, Scarlett Seth doesn't care to tell "once upon a time" stories.  He's too cool for school.  
Me:  Seth, do you have a once upon a time story?
Seth:  (Eyebrows raised in disgust) adamant "NO!" from him.

Typical.  The only thing Seth feels strongly about is "going fast" and getting his back rubbed.  Matter of fact, when I returned from my trip to Las Vegas yesterday, the following occurred.

Seth: (Clapping and jumping up and down when he saw me)...."Mommy's home! Mommy's home!"
Me:  Seth, I missed you sooo much. I brought you a surprise back with me!
Seth:  Yeah! (climbs into my lap).  "You wanna rub my back?"
Me:  (Starting to rub my fingers through his wild, just woke-up hair).
Seth:  "Hey! You not gonna rub my head!  You gonna rub my back (while looking at me very sternly).
Me:  (laughing) Oh I'm not, well I thought I could rub your head?  
Seth:  NO NO NO!  You NOT gonna rub my head, you gonna rub my back!"
Seth:  (grabs my hand and puts it on his back).

Once upon a time, there were three triplets with VERY different personalities!


Jan said...

And that my dear is what makes the story so interesting.