Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Get Moving!

Feel like you are on a weight loss merry-go-round?  Is your brain spinning out of control with negative thoughts about how you look?  Do you beat yourself up for those unwanted pounds?  If you are like me, you spend a lot of time thinking and little time actually focused on changing things.  I talk about change.  I really want change.  But, I get depressed by what I see...so I go have a snack.  Let's get off this merry-go-round together and achieve our goals.

No more laying around.  
It's time to get moving!  
Pull out your goal outfits (I have SEVERAL to choose from) and let's think like a star!  Notice I said star, not celebrity.  Let's be realistic here.  We are normal people.  I do not have people preparing meals for me.  I do not have time for 3 hour workouts each day.  But, I have 15 pounds to lose (atleast).  Sounds simple enough, right?
If it were that simple, I wouldn't be subjecting myself to the likes of the world wide web.  Trust me!  All you need is some dedication and a computer!  Blog-a-long or use your facebook.  
Here are the rules (by the way this is totally made up...so any ideas are welcome)!  
Start date:  Thursday, October 1st.
Weigh yourself first thing Thursday morning. 
Record your real weight for your own records.  
Send me a fake weight. Example:  If you weigh 150 and want to lose 30 pounds..you could tell me that you weigh 90 and need to be 60 lbs.  Get it?

*I am not interested in knowing anyone's personal weights.  What I DO want to know is your start "weight" and your goal.  We are about the goal not the lbs. 

Send me this information via e-mail to:  kirkland622@yahoo.com

If you have a picture of yourself you can send it as well.  I will be photographing myself for progress sake.  

Each day...it is your job to keep and publish a food journal.  Every meal, every snack...write it down and publish it publicly.  Count your calories if you can.  

Each Thursday I will publish everyone's name, start weight, goal weight, and weight loss for the week.  

*A note about cheating...of course...you could technically lie about the facts..but does that do anybody any good?  This weight loss game is designed to give us the accountability we need to stick to what we tell ourselves.  So, just to re-cap:

Goal weight 
picture if you want it posted with your stats (this would be more fun if everyone could send one)

all sent to me @:  kirkland622@yahoo.com