Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Days of our Lives

Laci asked me if she could "watch me cook" tonight.  So, we talked about our yummy gluten free meal.  Lemon butter fish, almond green beans, and No wheat mac-n-cheese.  We could see the TV which was turned to Dancing with the Stars.  

Laci:  Look, they dancin' like I dance!
Me:  Yeah, look they are really good like you too!
Laci:  Yeah, I think  I need Seth to dance with me.  He need to hold my hands and do this to me (bending over in her best unassisted dip).  He need to dip me like this!

These are the days of our lives!

We have a new child.  His name is Turkey Kirkland.  He used to be called Seth, but now he is lovingly referred to as Turkey.  He, as we speak, he is trying to push the "butt" on my computer.  Telephone buttons = butts.  Computer keys = butts.  Microwave buttons = butts as well.  Everything that he can click, push, or press is considered a "butt."  He's managed to turn the word "butt" into a two syllable word too.  The Turkey likes to say it "Bu-uht."  

These are the days of our lives!

Leyton, while crying right before bedtime, "Mommy can you please come cover me up, tuck me, in and give me hugs."  When, he said he needed to go "potty" conveniently around the time he and Seth were in trouble for running.  Robb asked, "Do you really need to potty or are you lying?"  Leyton:  "I'm lying."  Or earlier when Laci came in with a red mark on her face claiming that Leyton hit her with an airplane.  Leyton, did you hit Laci with your airplane?  No. Don't lie to me, you better tell the truth.  Did you hit her?  No I didn't.  Okay sorry.

These are the days of our lives!  And what boring days they would be without them!