Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amendment: Days of our Lives

This is worth noting.  I feel that it is necessary to amend or rather add to my days of our lives post.  A literal 5 minutes after posting....

Enter stage right.  Turkey Kirkland.  Turkey was shaking and releasing a familiar scent:  the scent of poop.    Walking like a zombie up to me, and my white, MAC computer.  The MAC began to quiver as it sensed the approach of impending danger.  Toddler fingers approaching at a rapid speed covered in toddler poo.  Yes, people, hold your stomachs; this is a poop post.  

Turkey Kirkland had been reluctant to surrender to sleep.  He had been sent to bed at least a half hour earlier.  After sending Turkey and his cohorts to bed, we had seen him already a handful of times.  Excuse after excuse he gave for his "need" to be out of bed.  All to no avail.  I guess he decided to show us.  

"Seth, why do you have poop on your hands?"
"I got poop on my hands and my toe (holding up a foot covered in it as well)."
"Where did the poop come from?"
"It came from playroom."

I checked his diaper.  Clean?
Robb checked Leyton. Clean?

"Leyton, where did that poop come from?"
"Ummma...Seth gots it on his hands and his toe."
"We know, but where did it come from?"  
"Ummma...by the chair."

I checked the chairs.  No evidence.
I checked the train table.  No evidence.

"Seth, did you take your diaper off and poop on the floor?"
"Uhhh...no I got poop from the playroom."  
"We are aware...where in the playroom."  

He points to a juice stain on the carpet. 
"Look here's poo-poo right here."

Mystery lives on. And thus, these are the days of our lives.