Monday, August 24, 2009

A week of Mania!

How can one enter Wal-Mart holding a list with 9 items on it and exit with a list (also known as a receipt) for $456.00??  I am not really sure how it happened; it was a bit of a blur actually.  It started in the school supply section which still looked a bit ransacked from Tax Free Weekend.  My basket seemed to steer me into what was in deed a $2 dollar sale rack in the children's department. Is it still a $2 dollar sale when you spend $60 at the $2 dollar rack?'s a problem.  And then there was the $40 worth of dog food I bought for our enormous "puppies" that consist of a Yellow Lab and Pointer (okay LARGE PUPPIES that eat A LOT)!  It started there, but ended very badly the register.   Swiping that plastic was very painful I must admit, but not as painful as my TODDLERS calling me "mom!"  

I really cannot get over this "mom" thing!  Today, Leyton threw a shoe at Laci (the new shoe that I bought him at Wal-Mart yesterday :0...and no he should not have been throwing anything...and yes I did nip that behavior in the bud...but none of that is my point)...ahem.  Leyton threw  a "new shoe" at Laci and I made him go apologize. He threw it very much on purpose and out of anger, but Laci's response (after the 5 minutes of wailing) was "Don't worry Mom, it was an accident!"  That is the contagious phrase circulating around our house.  

...running through the living room!
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

...hitting, kicking, and wrestling on the couch!
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

...throwing objects capable of causing a "real accident!"
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

And on that note...can I get a Hallelujah from someone because my triplets are having very FEW "accidents" in their pants!  We have poop!  Real poop.  In the potty poop.  Not just in the pull up, in the underwear poop.  Another thing that will hopefully continue to occur often in my household - poop (the in the potty kind).  Didn't this paragraph just make your skin crawl? We have had tons of cheering and glorious excitement over the poop (the in the potty kind).  Prizes have been being dealt out left and right.  Let's all bow in silence and pray that this kind of behavior can continue on in my household! 

Laci met me at the door today and said "Mommy, I want a baby like baby Brennan!"  I thought that was an interesting concept coming from her little head.  She did help Aunt G babysit Jonathan yesterday.  And yes, for those of you confused, Aunt G should actually be Aunt J to mean Jennifer, but what babies want babies get.  She's Aunt G to them (yes, because they said so).  

Oh yes, and I have been having an allergic reaction for a week now.  I've been drinking Benadryl and pretty much bathing in Benadryl Itch Cream.  I guess I might have to go to the doctor.   Yuck.   

This entire post has been kind of manic hasn't it?


Anonymous said...

Actually it was pretty funny "MOM":)
I will NOT allow myself to go near the dollar spot in target anymore..No matter what I prob do not need it!

Good luck w/that allergic reaction.

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. Yes, they are acting like teenagers. Teenage size fits as well it seems at age 3.

Yeah, my reaction has been really odd. I might need Dr. Groneck this week to help me.