Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They've Done It This Time

...called me "mom" that is.  My babies...eer...ummm.. yes they are still babies.  I kissed them goodnight. We said our prayers.  We "told a story about God."  And then, they did it.  

"Night Mom!"  


Mom is what teenagers say when they realize "mommy" doesn't sound cool anymore.  "Mom" is not what three year olds say.  "Mom" is for thirteen year olds.  They've really done it this time.  

...called me mom and made me realize that they are growing up WAY too fast.  But, that is not the only thing they've done this week.  

The other morning Seth brought me a clip on tie.  He said, "Mommy (yes I was still Mommy on Monday) would you please put my tie on for me?"  Sure.  He then proceeds to go pick up one of his tractors.  This is not just any tractor.  This tractor plays some pretty catchy music when you press its' buttons.  Seth grabs the tractor in one hand and grabs Laci by the other hand and says "Come on Princess, it's time to dance!"

"Princess" and Seth proceeded into her room and did some very "Dancing With the Stars" type moves to the singing tractor's music.  

Don't they know that Baptists don't dance?  

Well, I know better than to pin that one on them.  My Baylor Line Jersey does say Dancing Queen on the back of it.  And Robb and I have been known to frequent Fred Astaire Dance Studio from time to time.  Who said Baptists don't dance?  

And aside from the "mom-speak" and the dancing and the tie wearing, we are going to go to Pre-school in a few weeks as well.  I had to go get their welcome packet this week and just walking through the door of that place caused my throat to constrict a little.  I don't want them to grow up.  I only want them to do #1 and #2 in the potty.  Then, we can cut out all the adult stuff.  Diaper changing is making me insane, does it show?  

But, growing up...well...that can wait for now.  


Jan said...

no encouragement from me cause it does go by way too fast. boo hoo. enjoy every exasperating minute!