Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid-Night Crisis

Today I celebrated my 100th business contract with...drumroll please...

A baby Coke.  You know, the 100 calorie ones?  I am not much of a coke drinker, but something about 3:00 rolling around drives me into the kitchen to partake in what is becoming a BAD habit.

Isn't it funny how when you are little, you don't want ANYONE to be like you?  There was a kid in my first grade class named Michael Alba.  I loved Michael Alba, but he copied me.  Everything I said (everything I said) he would mimic me (he would mimic me).  I would ask him politely to stop, as my mother had taught me to be nice to everyone, but this tactic never worked with little Michael Alba.  

Michael, quit copying me?
"Michael, quit copying me?"

No, michael please don't copy me anymore.
"No, michael please don't copy me anymore."

Michael!  You have to quit repeating me!  
"Michael! You have to quit repeating me!


You get the point.  Michael Alba was my copy cat.  When I was younger I wanted no one to copy me, dress like me, pretend to be me; it was all about being unique and well...just me.

 Life would be boring if we were all carbon copies of each other, wouldn't it? But, as an adult, I find myself wanting conformity.  This desire is shaped by my belief in God, my belief in absolutes.  I love a good debate about healthcare, even though I am not well versed enough to take on a lot of my Facebook friends.  I think the desire for conformity drives us all in a way.  It drove Hitler to commit unthinkable crimes against the Jewish people.  The desire for conformity drives both good and evil agendas.  I do not know that I will ever read the 1000 page healthcare reform bill, but I like to speak for myself.  My facebook page was set afire the other day by a comment I made about Obama's Administration.  Division was evident.  Some people were abbreviating their cuss words into clever acronyms.  Others were on my side.  So, I thought I should clear up my views.  Again, feel free to express yours, because for now, it's still a free country.  The below statements are "answers" to some assertions made on my FB page by others.  I am merely answering.

I am not racist, just because I disagree with what happens to be an African American President.
- I disagree with the Obama Administrations policies.  I think our country is the best country in the world, because we have maintained Democratic processes and upheld to date our Constitution.  I am for free speech.  I disagree with the Administration's attempt to monitor "fishy" information.  Can I just say a few things about racism:

- One of my best friends in high school was a beautiful, African American woman.  She STILL is a good friend of mine. 
- My family might possibly in the next 10 years adopt a little girl from China or Japan (if we can afford it).
- My favorite teacher of all time was my 4th grade teacher who also happened to be African American and a fellow sister in Christ.  

I do not deny that racism has and still exists in the hearts and minds of many people in our country.  However,  it is NOT the reason that I am not for a public healthcare option as insinuated on my FB page.  I would disagree with anyone and have disagreed with others trying to implement the same policies. 

I do believe that Healthcare in general should be reformed.  I do not want my tax dollars funding abortion.  I want to choose my healthcare provider and I do not want to wait in line for 8 months for things like colonoscopies.  It took me 7 years to get diagnosed with a wheat allergy.  If we would have already been on this plan, I can believe that I would still be ill and bouncing from physician to waiting list to physician.  I do not believe in a public option.  I think the Obama Administration is rushing too quickly into a decision that will drastically affect all Americans. I have not read the bill, which brings me to my next point.  

How will anyone be able to make a decision one way or another without reading the bill?  How are those that represent us suppose to inform the public if they have not read the bill?  And who can possibly retain 1000 pages of information and all the "fine print" clauses hidden within it in such a short amount of time or ever?  Maybe that's the point?

Next subject:  I personally believe in protecting Israel; something the Obama administration doesn't seem to be for personally.  I believe in protecting Israel because I believe in the Bible's accuracy and God's promises.  The nation of Israel belongs to God and He will protect it.  America has always helped and protected them which I have always believed is one reason that we have prospered as a nation (just one reason).  I don't want our nation to become an enemy of Israel because I do believe that God's favor will not be on us as a nation.  And yes, I do believe that some of our current economic woes are a direct result of our country spitting in God's face.  I love this country.  I think it is and has been the best country in the world for a reason.  I don't want to see those things slip away.

Each night around midnight, it seems that one of my children gets scared and wonders into our room.  They take turns, they must have it planned out.  "It's your turn tonight- you wet the bed at midnight and then they will come for you."  It seems that there is as of late always a Mid-Night Crisis going down at the K's household.  My political views are a bit like that.  I believe that America is in crisis; economically, morally, and prophetically.  I believe that Jesus will come back very soon.  While I do welcome healthy debates, I also want conformity. Not because I want people to be like ME, but because I want God's grace to touch all those that I love.  I have witnessed God's participation in my own life and frankly the thought of anyone I love missing that point- scares me.  

Some people would probably say, just like a radical conservative - to compare Jesus second coming with Healthcare.  Yeah, maybe it is a bit radical.  I am not exactly equating the two things, but merely equating the anger I see on national television with the root.  Division.  There are certainly other Christians that I know who are for a public option.  Again, it's a free country; for now, and hopefully always.