Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knock. Knock.

Knock. Knock.

Who's There?
Chex Who?
Gluten Free Chex at Wal-Mart!

Okay. That's silly.  I mean what grown adult writes knock-knock jokes on her blog?  No one, except someone super excited that General Mills has just released 3 variations of their "gluten free" Chex Cereal.
- Honey Nut.  So, I had some of this after I consumed a bowl of gluten free (homemade) Chinese food tonight.  It was excellent, much tastier than a traditional Honey Nut Cheerio might I say.
-Cinammon.  Purchased, but not tasted yet. 
-Plain Chex.  Not Purchased, as I prefer flavored. 

For a good frozen meal on the go, try Amy's brand Teriyaki bowl.  It is not only gluten free, but non-dairy.  Strangely enough, it does contain Tofu (which is not bad-as I was imagining it to be).  

Don't have time to make home-made chili to have something indulgent like a hot dog or frito pie?  Try Amy's Organic Chili.  Quite tasty.  It is not declared to be gluten free on the package, but there is only a Soy allergen warning.  Also has *no trans fats, no added msg, and no preservatives.  

Need something hot like Oatmeal for breakfast.  Try this concoction made special by my very own Mammaw:

Mammaw's Cheesy-Garlic Grits

1 serving of grits
Cheese (as much as you need to convince yourself to try grits)
Garlic Powder
Hint of salt
Butter (as much as you need to convince yourself to take the first bite of grits).  

Grits are apparently a corn product (yes, I am 28 almost and just now learning about such things).  

Not satisfied with grits for breakfast?

Try Food for Life's Brown Rice Tortillas (found in the freezer section of your local Whole Foods Market) stuffed with eggs, hashbrowns, onion, and Hormel's gluten and preservative free bacon (found in any Wal-Mart or HEB).  

The gluten free life is getting easier and is well worth the change.  

Revenge of the Wheat:  

There are a few items that I have purchased in the last 4 months assuming they were gluten free, only to realize they are NOT in any way on the G-Free list.

Do say no to:  HEB homemade salsa (bagged in the produce section).  This does contain wheat.  If you are not allergic to milk and have the desire for some good ole chocolate stay away from Bluebell Chocolate icecream as it DOES contain wheat.