Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall Frenzy

Our fall schedule is starting to get packed!  My children are only three years old and I already feel the pressure to sign-up, join, volunteer, etc... for activities!  The babies are going to PRE-PRE K next week.  Twice a week only.  I am happy for them; I know they are going to learn and experience a lot.  I still have a hard time with letting them become so independent.  I only want them to be independent in the potty training department- so hypocritical I know!  I enjoy the way their little minds work.  I love their stories and their sweetness.  But, they are growing so I have to let myself let them get big *Tear*.  Okay, okay, I will get a hold of myself!

So, we have Preschool, then we have dance.  For Laci anyway.  She will be taking dance once a week.  My children (all of them) love to dance.  Laci will make a great dancer.  She is very excited and has already been modeling her dance leotards around the house.  I bought her two: a black one and a pink one.  She put the black one on and went skipping through the living room.  She put the pink one on, threw her head back and said to Leyton, "So how do I look?"  Leyton said "Wow- just like a princess!"  She just giggled.  They are so sweet to one another (most of the time)!

As for Robb, football season is in full swing.  What's different this year?  Robb has a more important role. He is the Offensive Coordinator this year.  We are predicted to have a better year and I really hope that is the case.  Coaches work really hard in the classroom and on the field despite the wrap they get at times.  I wish the Hawks the best of seasons!  The babies and I attended the first game.  And we had a first as well:  first time by myself taking them to a football game.  I didn't attend but 2 games last year because they were just too active.  Babysitting is a little too pricey to get one every Friday night, so last year we just didn't attend.  We had a "behavior" talk before we left and I was VERY proud of how they acted.  They had a blast: giggling, marching like the band, kicking like the Starlettes, and getting "tackled" like the football players.  Seth has definitely perfected his "fall."  He thinks everytime he catches the football he is suppose to fall to the ground. It's pretty funny.  

The fall for me is lining up to = one word....W-O-R-K.  I have been so busy I can barely keep my head above water.  I have two jobs.  One working for a company called Worlds of Wow and then running my promotional products company, Kirkland Apparel Co.   Starting this Sunday, my Sunday School class is finally getting to study Nehemiah (which has been in the works for awhile).  I am teaching the class.  I am excited about the opportunity.  Can't wait to see what the fall holds for us.  With all our to do's, it seems that it is lining up to be an all out Fall frenzy!


Jan said...

Glad you have this blog. Did not realize you had so much going on. I will keep you in my prayers for extra energy and good health.