Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assaulted by a Deli Clerk

I was assaulted by a Deli Clerk last week at a local country store.  No, she did not hit me.  However, she assaulted me and defiled my pickles and onions.  I left this country store grossed out and angry.  :)  She did defile my lunch.   Here is what happened.

I ventured to a lovely store in a nearby town after making some sales calls.  It was 1:30 and I had not eaten lunch yet.  My stomach was crying out for meat (as I have been trying to eat high protein/low carb).  This country store is known for their wonderfully, smoked Pork Loin, chicken, and brisket.  So, I waltz up to the deli counter and request a lunch plate to go.  The following conversation ensued:

Could I have a deli plate with Pork Tenderloin?
You want sides?
Yes, cole slaw and potato salad.
(Worker goes away for awhile into the back).
She returns with my plate and two whopping rolls sitting on top of my meat. 

Saddened by the site of rolls touching my food (as I am allergic)  the conversation continued.

I'll still pay for them, but would you mind taking those rolls off my bread.  I am allergic to them and didn't realize I got bread with my meal.  I will pay for them, but will you just take them off my plate, I would appreciate it.


Because I am allergic to them.  

What do you mean allergic?  What will happen (rolling eyes and rude tone)?

I will get violently ill. 

Fine!  (dumps rolls in trash).

You want white bread I suppose?

Umm...no I am allergic to white bread...all kinds of bread...actually I have a wheat allergy.  

Well, those rolls are made with YEAST!  Not Wheat!

Umm...actually all bread has wheat in it.  And for that matter, I am allergic to yeast to.

Will you take off those top pieces of meat that touched the roll too?  Don't replace them with anymore meat, just chunk them.


Because if one SPECK of wheat touches my tongue I will get really ill!

Fine!  (As she reaches her tongs into the meat container and replaces the meat I told her not to replace).


Want pickles and onions?

Yes, please.

Deli Clerk opens up pickles (no glove) and grabs a fistful and throws them and my precious pearly whites into my box.  

Thank you very much.  Apparently, this Deli Clerk was offended by my allergy.  I must say, I have seen people confused over my strange requests to not partake in their bread offering, but I have never had someone offended over it.  Deli Clerk hands me or shall I say tosses my lunch up on the counter.  I paused for a moment and said "I have a food allergy, it's nothing personal."  She rolled her eyes and I paid for my defiled lunch plate.  

Oh well.  There is a first for everything.  Who knew the gluten free lifestyle could be so hostile???? :0