Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall Frenzy

Our fall schedule is starting to get packed!  My children are only three years old and I already feel the pressure to sign-up, join, volunteer, etc... for activities!  The babies are going to PRE-PRE K next week.  Twice a week only.  I am happy for them; I know they are going to learn and experience a lot.  I still have a hard time with letting them become so independent.  I only want them to be independent in the potty training department- so hypocritical I know!  I enjoy the way their little minds work.  I love their stories and their sweetness.  But, they are growing so I have to let myself let them get big *Tear*.  Okay, okay, I will get a hold of myself!

So, we have Preschool, then we have dance.  For Laci anyway.  She will be taking dance once a week.  My children (all of them) love to dance.  Laci will make a great dancer.  She is very excited and has already been modeling her dance leotards around the house.  I bought her two: a black one and a pink one.  She put the black one on and went skipping through the living room.  She put the pink one on, threw her head back and said to Leyton, "So how do I look?"  Leyton said "Wow- just like a princess!"  She just giggled.  They are so sweet to one another (most of the time)!

As for Robb, football season is in full swing.  What's different this year?  Robb has a more important role. He is the Offensive Coordinator this year.  We are predicted to have a better year and I really hope that is the case.  Coaches work really hard in the classroom and on the field despite the wrap they get at times.  I wish the Hawks the best of seasons!  The babies and I attended the first game.  And we had a first as well:  first time by myself taking them to a football game.  I didn't attend but 2 games last year because they were just too active.  Babysitting is a little too pricey to get one every Friday night, so last year we just didn't attend.  We had a "behavior" talk before we left and I was VERY proud of how they acted.  They had a blast: giggling, marching like the band, kicking like the Starlettes, and getting "tackled" like the football players.  Seth has definitely perfected his "fall."  He thinks everytime he catches the football he is suppose to fall to the ground. It's pretty funny.  

The fall for me is lining up to = one word....W-O-R-K.  I have been so busy I can barely keep my head above water.  I have two jobs.  One working for a company called Worlds of Wow and then running my promotional products company, Kirkland Apparel Co.   Starting this Sunday, my Sunday School class is finally getting to study Nehemiah (which has been in the works for awhile).  I am teaching the class.  I am excited about the opportunity.  Can't wait to see what the fall holds for us.  With all our to do's, it seems that it is lining up to be an all out Fall frenzy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A week of Mania!

How can one enter Wal-Mart holding a list with 9 items on it and exit with a list (also known as a receipt) for $456.00??  I am not really sure how it happened; it was a bit of a blur actually.  It started in the school supply section which still looked a bit ransacked from Tax Free Weekend.  My basket seemed to steer me into what was in deed a $2 dollar sale rack in the children's department. Is it still a $2 dollar sale when you spend $60 at the $2 dollar rack?'s a problem.  And then there was the $40 worth of dog food I bought for our enormous "puppies" that consist of a Yellow Lab and Pointer (okay LARGE PUPPIES that eat A LOT)!  It started there, but ended very badly the register.   Swiping that plastic was very painful I must admit, but not as painful as my TODDLERS calling me "mom!"  

I really cannot get over this "mom" thing!  Today, Leyton threw a shoe at Laci (the new shoe that I bought him at Wal-Mart yesterday :0...and no he should not have been throwing anything...and yes I did nip that behavior in the bud...but none of that is my point)...ahem.  Leyton threw  a "new shoe" at Laci and I made him go apologize. He threw it very much on purpose and out of anger, but Laci's response (after the 5 minutes of wailing) was "Don't worry Mom, it was an accident!"  That is the contagious phrase circulating around our house.  

...running through the living room!
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

...hitting, kicking, and wrestling on the couch!
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

...throwing objects capable of causing a "real accident!"
"Don't worry Mom it was an accident!"

And on that note...can I get a Hallelujah from someone because my triplets are having very FEW "accidents" in their pants!  We have poop!  Real poop.  In the potty poop.  Not just in the pull up, in the underwear poop.  Another thing that will hopefully continue to occur often in my household - poop (the in the potty kind).  Didn't this paragraph just make your skin crawl? We have had tons of cheering and glorious excitement over the poop (the in the potty kind).  Prizes have been being dealt out left and right.  Let's all bow in silence and pray that this kind of behavior can continue on in my household! 

Laci met me at the door today and said "Mommy, I want a baby like baby Brennan!"  I thought that was an interesting concept coming from her little head.  She did help Aunt G babysit Jonathan yesterday.  And yes, for those of you confused, Aunt G should actually be Aunt J to mean Jennifer, but what babies want babies get.  She's Aunt G to them (yes, because they said so).  

Oh yes, and I have been having an allergic reaction for a week now.  I've been drinking Benadryl and pretty much bathing in Benadryl Itch Cream.  I guess I might have to go to the doctor.   Yuck.   

This entire post has been kind of manic hasn't it?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Go With Mommy to Work Day

Well it wasn't exactly a national holiday, but we did have a "go with mommy to work day" last week.  Mainly because we did not have a babysitter and "mommy"  had a list of things to do a mile long.  It was fun though.  We brought toys.And some of our old toys, happen to be stored at the office.  Like our old faithful bouncy.  It sings, vibrates, and was a hand-me-down from a friend.  This bouncy has done its' fair share of vibrating, singing, and bouncing.  
We even had some time to wear some of the "apparel".  I tried to get them to all put their head in the shirt hole.  Laci was too claustrophobic for that and Leyton said he was "cold" so they just covered up with it really.  
I got nothing accomplished at "go with mommy to work day" but it was a lot of fun.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assaulted by a Deli Clerk

I was assaulted by a Deli Clerk last week at a local country store.  No, she did not hit me.  However, she assaulted me and defiled my pickles and onions.  I left this country store grossed out and angry.  :)  She did defile my lunch.   Here is what happened.

I ventured to a lovely store in a nearby town after making some sales calls.  It was 1:30 and I had not eaten lunch yet.  My stomach was crying out for meat (as I have been trying to eat high protein/low carb).  This country store is known for their wonderfully, smoked Pork Loin, chicken, and brisket.  So, I waltz up to the deli counter and request a lunch plate to go.  The following conversation ensued:

Could I have a deli plate with Pork Tenderloin?
You want sides?
Yes, cole slaw and potato salad.
(Worker goes away for awhile into the back).
She returns with my plate and two whopping rolls sitting on top of my meat. 

Saddened by the site of rolls touching my food (as I am allergic)  the conversation continued.

I'll still pay for them, but would you mind taking those rolls off my bread.  I am allergic to them and didn't realize I got bread with my meal.  I will pay for them, but will you just take them off my plate, I would appreciate it.


Because I am allergic to them.  

What do you mean allergic?  What will happen (rolling eyes and rude tone)?

I will get violently ill. 

Fine!  (dumps rolls in trash).

You want white bread I suppose? I am allergic to white bread...all kinds of bread...actually I have a wheat allergy.  

Well, those rolls are made with YEAST!  Not Wheat!

Umm...actually all bread has wheat in it.  And for that matter, I am allergic to yeast to.

Will you take off those top pieces of meat that touched the roll too?  Don't replace them with anymore meat, just chunk them.


Because if one SPECK of wheat touches my tongue I will get really ill!

Fine!  (As she reaches her tongs into the meat container and replaces the meat I told her not to replace).


Want pickles and onions?

Yes, please.

Deli Clerk opens up pickles (no glove) and grabs a fistful and throws them and my precious pearly whites into my box.  

Thank you very much.  Apparently, this Deli Clerk was offended by my allergy.  I must say, I have seen people confused over my strange requests to not partake in their bread offering, but I have never had someone offended over it.  Deli Clerk hands me or shall I say tosses my lunch up on the counter.  I paused for a moment and said "I have a food allergy, it's nothing personal."  She rolled her eyes and I paid for my defiled lunch plate.  

Oh well.  There is a first for everything.  Who knew the gluten free lifestyle could be so hostile???? :0

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid-Night Crisis

Today I celebrated my 100th business contract with...drumroll please...

A baby Coke.  You know, the 100 calorie ones?  I am not much of a coke drinker, but something about 3:00 rolling around drives me into the kitchen to partake in what is becoming a BAD habit.

Isn't it funny how when you are little, you don't want ANYONE to be like you?  There was a kid in my first grade class named Michael Alba.  I loved Michael Alba, but he copied me.  Everything I said (everything I said) he would mimic me (he would mimic me).  I would ask him politely to stop, as my mother had taught me to be nice to everyone, but this tactic never worked with little Michael Alba.  

Michael, quit copying me?
"Michael, quit copying me?"

No, michael please don't copy me anymore.
"No, michael please don't copy me anymore."

Michael!  You have to quit repeating me!  
"Michael! You have to quit repeating me!


You get the point.  Michael Alba was my copy cat.  When I was younger I wanted no one to copy me, dress like me, pretend to be me; it was all about being unique and well...just me.

 Life would be boring if we were all carbon copies of each other, wouldn't it? But, as an adult, I find myself wanting conformity.  This desire is shaped by my belief in God, my belief in absolutes.  I love a good debate about healthcare, even though I am not well versed enough to take on a lot of my Facebook friends.  I think the desire for conformity drives us all in a way.  It drove Hitler to commit unthinkable crimes against the Jewish people.  The desire for conformity drives both good and evil agendas.  I do not know that I will ever read the 1000 page healthcare reform bill, but I like to speak for myself.  My facebook page was set afire the other day by a comment I made about Obama's Administration.  Division was evident.  Some people were abbreviating their cuss words into clever acronyms.  Others were on my side.  So, I thought I should clear up my views.  Again, feel free to express yours, because for now, it's still a free country.  The below statements are "answers" to some assertions made on my FB page by others.  I am merely answering.

I am not racist, just because I disagree with what happens to be an African American President.
- I disagree with the Obama Administrations policies.  I think our country is the best country in the world, because we have maintained Democratic processes and upheld to date our Constitution.  I am for free speech.  I disagree with the Administration's attempt to monitor "fishy" information.  Can I just say a few things about racism:

- One of my best friends in high school was a beautiful, African American woman.  She STILL is a good friend of mine. 
- My family might possibly in the next 10 years adopt a little girl from China or Japan (if we can afford it).
- My favorite teacher of all time was my 4th grade teacher who also happened to be African American and a fellow sister in Christ.  

I do not deny that racism has and still exists in the hearts and minds of many people in our country.  However,  it is NOT the reason that I am not for a public healthcare option as insinuated on my FB page.  I would disagree with anyone and have disagreed with others trying to implement the same policies. 

I do believe that Healthcare in general should be reformed.  I do not want my tax dollars funding abortion.  I want to choose my healthcare provider and I do not want to wait in line for 8 months for things like colonoscopies.  It took me 7 years to get diagnosed with a wheat allergy.  If we would have already been on this plan, I can believe that I would still be ill and bouncing from physician to waiting list to physician.  I do not believe in a public option.  I think the Obama Administration is rushing too quickly into a decision that will drastically affect all Americans. I have not read the bill, which brings me to my next point.  

How will anyone be able to make a decision one way or another without reading the bill?  How are those that represent us suppose to inform the public if they have not read the bill?  And who can possibly retain 1000 pages of information and all the "fine print" clauses hidden within it in such a short amount of time or ever?  Maybe that's the point?

Next subject:  I personally believe in protecting Israel; something the Obama administration doesn't seem to be for personally.  I believe in protecting Israel because I believe in the Bible's accuracy and God's promises.  The nation of Israel belongs to God and He will protect it.  America has always helped and protected them which I have always believed is one reason that we have prospered as a nation (just one reason).  I don't want our nation to become an enemy of Israel because I do believe that God's favor will not be on us as a nation.  And yes, I do believe that some of our current economic woes are a direct result of our country spitting in God's face.  I love this country.  I think it is and has been the best country in the world for a reason.  I don't want to see those things slip away.

Each night around midnight, it seems that one of my children gets scared and wonders into our room.  They take turns, they must have it planned out.  "It's your turn tonight- you wet the bed at midnight and then they will come for you."  It seems that there is as of late always a Mid-Night Crisis going down at the K's household.  My political views are a bit like that.  I believe that America is in crisis; economically, morally, and prophetically.  I believe that Jesus will come back very soon.  While I do welcome healthy debates, I also want conformity. Not because I want people to be like ME, but because I want God's grace to touch all those that I love.  I have witnessed God's participation in my own life and frankly the thought of anyone I love missing that point- scares me.  

Some people would probably say, just like a radical conservative - to compare Jesus second coming with Healthcare.  Yeah, maybe it is a bit radical.  I am not exactly equating the two things, but merely equating the anger I see on national television with the root.  Division.  There are certainly other Christians that I know who are for a public option.  Again, it's a free country; for now, and hopefully always.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Been There Done That

I have been there.  And I have done that: gotten sick that is.  Actually, several times I have attempted a meal at Carrabba's Italian Grill with no success.  Let's just say that I left with a bad taste in my mouth and severe stomach pain.  But, what I have learned is that I was going about ordering all wrong.  Actually I was ordering off the wrong menu all together.  You see, Carrabba's, actually has a gluten free menu.  Tonight, Carrabba's and I became friends.  It was the best of times, not the worst of times.  Not only did I "safely" consume a meal in an environment I once coined hostile, but my meal was wonderful.  I think I am going to have to become a saucier!

My food gets so boring. Meat cheese Meat cheese Meat cheese...cheese meat, cheese meat, I am like a rat riding the little wheel of gluten free living. Eat vegetables one might say!  If only it were that easy.  Vegetables are never something I crave, more something I tolerate.  However, one thing I have realized is that a good sauce goes a long way.  Take Chilli's for example.  Ever had Chilli's Chimichurri Sauce (garlic, lime cilantro).  I might be wrong, but I think it is a South American sauce typically served with meats.  Chilli's serves this with their Cedar Plank Tilapia.  I LOVE this sauce.  This sauce is my friend.  

Another friend of mine is the "lemon butter" sauce I have now had at two restaurants over chicken.  Tonight it had a hint of basil with it.  It was divine.  I had the Pollo Rosa Maria:

Chicken stuffed with fontina cheese and prosciutto, 
topped with mushrooms and a basil lemon butter sauce.  
2 Sides:  Garlic Mashed potatoes and a House Salad

Of course I ordered sans the mushrooms as they also round out my "allergen" list.  Thank you Carrabba's for allowing me to eat safely and even providing an entire menu of tasty "gluten free" dishes.  I also tasted the Shrimp Scampi that we ordered as an appetizer.  I did not have the bread, but the shrimp was wonderful as well.

Bon Appetite!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They've Done It This Time

...called me "mom" that is.  My babies...eer...ummm.. yes they are still babies.  I kissed them goodnight. We said our prayers.  We "told a story about God."  And then, they did it.  

"Night Mom!"  


Mom is what teenagers say when they realize "mommy" doesn't sound cool anymore.  "Mom" is not what three year olds say.  "Mom" is for thirteen year olds.  They've really done it this time.  

...called me mom and made me realize that they are growing up WAY too fast.  But, that is not the only thing they've done this week.  

The other morning Seth brought me a clip on tie.  He said, "Mommy (yes I was still Mommy on Monday) would you please put my tie on for me?"  Sure.  He then proceeds to go pick up one of his tractors.  This is not just any tractor.  This tractor plays some pretty catchy music when you press its' buttons.  Seth grabs the tractor in one hand and grabs Laci by the other hand and says "Come on Princess, it's time to dance!"

"Princess" and Seth proceeded into her room and did some very "Dancing With the Stars" type moves to the singing tractor's music.  

Don't they know that Baptists don't dance?  

Well, I know better than to pin that one on them.  My Baylor Line Jersey does say Dancing Queen on the back of it.  And Robb and I have been known to frequent Fred Astaire Dance Studio from time to time.  Who said Baptists don't dance?  

And aside from the "mom-speak" and the dancing and the tie wearing, we are going to go to Pre-school in a few weeks as well.  I had to go get their welcome packet this week and just walking through the door of that place caused my throat to constrict a little.  I don't want them to grow up.  I only want them to do #1 and #2 in the potty.  Then, we can cut out all the adult stuff.  Diaper changing is making me insane, does it show?  

But, growing up...well...that can wait for now.  

Monday, August 10, 2009

Class Reunion: SENSORED!

It's probably not what you think.  We did have a really great time catching up with old classmates.  We certainly did laugh hysterically at our old yearbook pictures and we did re-hash old times. People change.  And others have not changed a bit.  If you would have asked me 10 years ago who I thought would return in 10 years for the reunion, I would have definitely received an F.  Everyone did appear to have a good time.  I do not think I have been that entertained in awhile.  Especially since most of my entertainment involves toddler-speak, conversations about Poop, and the latest episode of Veggie-Tales.  So, let me just tell you a secret.  There was absolutely one thing that no one knew.  In most high schools, there are clicks.  And at this particular high school reunion, a click not only existed but formed rather rapidly around Mrs. Fitzgerald's island.  I will certainly not be able to reveal the names of this particular click.  But, I will reveal the premise behind the formation.  I had a secret.  Beneath my clothes actually.  Don't be alarmed, didn't you read the title?  Class Reunion: Sensored?  It's certainly not what you think.  

Daniel, aka Travis, or is it Travis aka Daniel?  Anyway...Travis Daniel Reed asked some of the ladies around the island if we flitted off to a department store to purchase that "special outfit" for the reunion.  I averted his gaze as long as I could until he asked me the question directly.  YES!  I was one sucked into the horrific game of people pleasing. I did buy an outfit.  A layered piece.  The perfect mixture of blacks/browns,/ and turquoise and golds.  There were only 2 problems with this particular choice.  A) The tan I never got for the reunion because my outfit revealed them in their pale glory. The tan I had been talking about all summer that still mocks me as we are approaching mid-August.  My pale arms.  Still products of a 70 lb weight gain (and I know it was multiples but STILL)...they mimic medium sized loaves of bread.  And not even a full loaf...a loaf that has fallen off the the grocery store shelf and gotten a little lumpy.    B)  ....the sensor.  Not sensored because we threw a drunken, class of 00 gone wild reunion.  Sensored because I was actually wearing one.  Beneath my shirt.  My perfect shirt was actually not perfect at all.  When I purchased it at Steinmart in Sugarland, and I did purchase it like a responsible citizen, I thought the lady forgot to get it.  So, I said, "Could you make sure you got the sensor off my shirt?"  She said she had.  

Saturday morning.  Day of the reunion.  I put on my outfit prior to going to shop for our reunion groceries and I felt a slight tug on the left side of my shirt.  And, yes, you can only imagine my horror...the SENSOR!  It was still with me.  I didn't have time to take it anywhere to remove it and I never keep receipts so who would believe me anyway?  You could be looking at the first person in reunion history to wear a shirt with its' sensor still attached.  I certainly did atleast put on a different shirt to go buy groceries as I did NOT want to make the Wal-Mart alarms go off.  Thoughtful wasn't it?  

All night, I was tormented by thoughts that my sensor might actually be seen.  So, I decided to share my secret to an inner circle.  I guess that makes me a perpetuator of clicks.  Oh gave us a good laugh.  And my sensor can now go down in reunion history books.  Cheers to a really fun night.   Pics to follow soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knock. Knock.

Knock. Knock.

Who's There?
Chex Who?
Gluten Free Chex at Wal-Mart!

Okay. That's silly.  I mean what grown adult writes knock-knock jokes on her blog?  No one, except someone super excited that General Mills has just released 3 variations of their "gluten free" Chex Cereal.
- Honey Nut.  So, I had some of this after I consumed a bowl of gluten free (homemade) Chinese food tonight.  It was excellent, much tastier than a traditional Honey Nut Cheerio might I say.
-Cinammon.  Purchased, but not tasted yet. 
-Plain Chex.  Not Purchased, as I prefer flavored. 

For a good frozen meal on the go, try Amy's brand Teriyaki bowl.  It is not only gluten free, but non-dairy.  Strangely enough, it does contain Tofu (which is not bad-as I was imagining it to be).  

Don't have time to make home-made chili to have something indulgent like a hot dog or frito pie?  Try Amy's Organic Chili.  Quite tasty.  It is not declared to be gluten free on the package, but there is only a Soy allergen warning.  Also has *no trans fats, no added msg, and no preservatives.  

Need something hot like Oatmeal for breakfast.  Try this concoction made special by my very own Mammaw:

Mammaw's Cheesy-Garlic Grits

1 serving of grits
Cheese (as much as you need to convince yourself to try grits)
Garlic Powder
Hint of salt
Butter (as much as you need to convince yourself to take the first bite of grits).  

Grits are apparently a corn product (yes, I am 28 almost and just now learning about such things).  

Not satisfied with grits for breakfast?

Try Food for Life's Brown Rice Tortillas (found in the freezer section of your local Whole Foods Market) stuffed with eggs, hashbrowns, onion, and Hormel's gluten and preservative free bacon (found in any Wal-Mart or HEB).  

The gluten free life is getting easier and is well worth the change.  

Revenge of the Wheat:  

There are a few items that I have purchased in the last 4 months assuming they were gluten free, only to realize they are NOT in any way on the G-Free list.

Do say no to:  HEB homemade salsa (bagged in the produce section).  This does contain wheat.  If you are not allergic to milk and have the desire for some good ole chocolate stay away from Bluebell Chocolate icecream as it DOES contain wheat.  

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Full Line Up