Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank you John Voight

Finally, a celebrity that disagrees with Obama.  Thank you John Voight.  If you missed him on Hannity tonight, here were a few phrases that sum up his opinion:  

Jon Voight disagrees with the President's "silence on Iran."
....Obama's LIE that he would protect Israel and now he is telling them what they can and cannot do.
....Obama's "cunning ability to rush things through without anyone having a chance to look at them."
....and finally, to sum it up "Obama is on his way to bankrupting America."  

I would like to see other celebrities stand up with Jon Voight.  Why?  Because liberal celebrities are not afraid to use their "stardom"  to perpetuate their views, maybe it's time to use the camera that is probably already following you around for the same.  

And IF by chance a camera would have been filming at our house today.  You could have caught Seth and Laci's admiration for each other on camera.  Seth has opted to refer to Laci as "princess" these days, while she calls both he and Leyton "king".  Laci and I had a "girl day" today (shopping and such) and when we returned the following conversation occurred.

Seth "Princess, you're home!" (running up the driveway to meet her)
Laci: (silent but running towards him with a grin)
Seth "Princess is home, daddy! (taking Laci's hand) Come on Princess, we're playin in da dirt."
Leyton "Yep, playin in da dirt."

They love their "princess."  And she loves her "kings!"


Jana Post said...

That is common around our house, too! One princess and two. "prince -es! It must be enunciated correctly, though - to not confuse it with "princess"! Tonight will be a night for two princesses! Maggie is excited!