Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humor of the Day: 1st place goes to...

So, early this morning I was driving with the babies back to our house.  KSBJ booming softly on the radio.  Praise song (to which I cannot recall) came on.  I assumed my usual position; singing loudly with the radio.  Yes, I do have a slight addiction to music.  My family makes fun of me because they say I will be mid-sentence and depart from the conversation to sing the rest of the song.  Some of you probably didn't know that.  

So, this morning.  I was belting out some praise song when I glanced in the mirror to see all three of my children staring back at me.  I guess I had gotten a little carried away as they all were looking at me with cocked heads and puzzling faces.  When they saw me acknowledge them, Leyton spoke up:

 "Mommy I not like Jesus!"  
"You don't like Jesus or you don't like the Jesus song?"
"I not like the Jesus song at all!"  
"You don't? Well, I'm sorry.  Mommy likes this song!"
"Nope!  I not like this kind of Jesus song."

My music is not as fun as their "daddy's music" I suppose.  It was a slow, worship ballad that I had been belting - so all is forgiven.  My feelings weren't hurt, but I sure hope that Jesus wasn't offended!  

Tonight has been round after round of "don't make me go to bed" excuses.  One after another they have filed in with lots of reasons to not go to sleep.

"I'm wet."
"Can you put my blanket on?"
"I can't find my bear (as it was thrown across the room purposely."
"I need to potty."
"I'm wet again."
"I need to rock with daddy!"
"I need to go tell daddy something."

Yet, again, Leyton gets the prize for the most sacrificial reason why he did not need to go to bed.  He was so adamant that bedtime was not for him, that he even offered to receive a spanking.  He came into the living room for only about the 5th time tonight and said:

"Hey, I think I need a spanking!"
"You do? I replied"
"Yes, I need to get a spanking cause I got out of bed."
"Hmm...are you sure?"
"Yep, I not need to go to bed. I need to get a spanking!"

Well, it was a good try.  But, he did not get the spanking he desired and he promptly had to return to bed.  Sorry, no spanking tonight!

First place goes to Leyton Carter Kirkland!