Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyone feels that Someone Might...

It's funny how the words "class reunion" bring about both confidence and stifling insecurities in people.  I have been planning our 10 year class reunion and have gotten a lot of feedback from old classmates.  I've noticed some very interesting things...

Some classmates who are still single are embarrassed that they are not married.
Some classmates who are married feel intimidated by the classmates that are still single.
Some people that had low self esteem in high school, seem to be doing just fine in that department now.
Some people that had high self esteem in high school, have since reverted to calling themselves names like "matronly" and "fat."  
Some who are divorced are embarrassed that their marriage didn't work out while some people that are married are embarrassed by the fact that theirs IS working out.  
Those pregnant don't want to come looking "pregnant" and those who have had children are afraid people will still THINK they are pregnant!  

The only thread in it all is that EVERYONE is afraid of what SOMEONE will think of them.  

Judgement and/or the fear of judgement...

...can squash a person's self-esteem into a million pieces.
...make you put back things you didn't take.
...make you say things you didn't mean.
...make you feel things that aren't even real.

I hope that SOMEONE will read this and be relieved that EVERYONE feels just like you do.  EVERYONE is afraid of the judgment that SOMEONE may or may not think towards them.  So, as I told one friend today...

Be proud of who you are.  I'd like for you to come.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone has flaws.  

And just because I think it's totally hilarious...Jerry Platt's myspace quote is "Man, Ya'll all got fat!"  So,'s already out there.  haha (thanks Jerry for making every girl in the classes of '00 and '99 question whether you were speaking directly to them).  

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

I'll be there and I can't wait! Although I have literally gained 12 pounds in the past month! LOL

cartouche d encre said...

I totally agree with your article. I often times feel that I am so beyond repair that I will never get right again. Thank you so much for making me somewhat clear about my feelings.