Friday, July 17, 2009

Euro Bungy minus One!

Seth, Leyton, and Laci chillin' (as much as one can CHILL in 102 degree weather) in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Also pronounced "Hot Spings, Artansa" in our household.  
We also Euro Bungy'd minus one in Shreveport, Louisiana on our way!  The minus one was Leyton who was too scared to attempt.  Also pronounced "Shweevepot, Woowisiana" is our household.  
Euro Bungy...whoever comes up with these things?
Laci getting ready to go approximately 2 feet off the ground.  She went further than Leyton did!
Seth mid-jump (approximately 4 feet off the ground).  Go Seth- our little daredevil as usual!


nanny911 said...

I can't believe that they even got the harness on Laci without her having a melt down. Go Laci!

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yeah, instead of it making her claustrophobic she kind of acted like it was a piece of jewelry. She smiled while they snapped it on. I was surprised that she actually jumped once the ropes started moving up and down. But, she did - Go Laci!