Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busted...a move!

In our household, words and meanings do not always add up to equal the English language as it was intended.  Take the word "potty" for instance.  

Pronounced correctly, but with multiple meanings to  my multiples. Potty is sometimes mixed up with other events like "party."  Tonight, Robb and I were also going to Los Compadres for dinner.  Seth got out of the car and said, "We're at the POTTY!"  To which I replied, "Do you need to go potty?"  "No, we eatin' at the potty!" Seth returned.  Eating at the potty = I sure hope not! Padre = potty as well.  Of course, why didn't I think of that? 

In our household, people are also not as they might seem.  Behold, exhibit A:

Looks innocent enough, doesn't he? Exhibit A brings me to the title of my post.  Exhibit A likes to "bust a move" occasionally like his good friend Beyonce. In our living room late in the evenings one might find Exhibit A doing such things as the Caterpillar.  Please do not ever pull up next to us at a stoplight, as one might get to get "jiggy" with Robb (you can find me in the floorboard).  On a pretty regular basis, Robb likes to bust his moves in the most inopportune of places.  These places are usually public in nature, rarely in the confines of our home where eyes cannot find him. It's a lot more fun to embarrass  those he loves like those pictured in Exhibit B:

I am usually the target of these random acts of Beyonce-ness.  I do not know if even those in our closest sphere of friends and family have witnessed these moves and outbursts of songs in public places.  Yesterday, Robb and I went out to The Woodlands for our belated anniversary celebration.  Our real anniversary is June 22nd, but we were in "Hot Spings, Artansa (as pronounced by our crew) during our real anniversary.  We ate at Landry's and had a very nice dinner.  On our way out the door, when Robb thought we were all alone, he decided to...

Stop, Drop, and shake his groove thing while belting out with the radio "Can I get a Witness!"  Finally, Exhibit B was happy to see Exhibit A get a taste (small taste) of some embarrassment.  A waitress was sitting right on the steps as Robb bounced past her "busting" his move.  Upon seeing her, Robb got so tickled  he almost let out all the tea he had consumed in Landry's.  

And I just savored the moment of Robb's (I mean exhibit A's) embarrassment.  He was "busted!"


Jana Post said...

I have that entire scenario visually playing in my head!! If he danced like Beyonce - that would be different. But, instead.. he dances like a white boy! The waitress probably thought he'd had a little more than tea!

Jessica Kirkland said...

So true, so true.