Monday, June 1, 2009

Missiles, Mild Fever, & Other Musings

Apparently a "missile" or "UFO" was spotted over Liberty. Or atleast that is what the news crew from Fox 26 was asking people today when we ventured up to Jax Hamburgers to eat dinner. They were interviewing Jax employees and I think I even heard the words "Are you in fear for your life?" Who knew our boredom would have led us to stumble on such "breaking news" in our small town. Go ahead...snicker with me. Now, if it turns out to be a "missile" then that is certainly no laughing matter. But, somehow I seriously doubt it.

Today, I finally ventured to Houston Metro Urology to have the kidney ultrasound done that I have been anticipating for about a month. I hate those type of "no doctor present" exams, because, well...there is no doctor present to immediately tell you the results. So, I find myself straining to read the technicians face, listening to every click, and analyzing every question asked or lack of conversation. Are you with me? Okay, so maybe it's just me that lives in a mild state of paranoia in such situations. But, despite the fact that technicians have a "go ahead and ask but I'm never gonna tell" policy, I, of course, always ask anyway. I hold on to the small chance that they will look into my eyes and have pity on my feeble ability to read the screen. And for once, just TELL ME the results on the spot! Well, today, a little technician with wings must have floated down from the Heavens, because "this" winged technician told me what she saw.

.....NOTHING. No cysts, no kidney stones, just 2 kidneys and a bladder that looked healthy on the screen. Thank you, thank you, thank you God and the little technician from the sky who probably violated some kind of technician oath! For once, I am grateful that someone bent the rules a bit. So, what better way to celebrate a lack of health problems, go shopping. Off to the Galleria we went to...ya know...celebrate $$$

On another note, say a prayer for Leyton. He has a mild fever and will be heading to his favorite place "the doctor." No, really, he actually loves the doctors office and asks to go all the time. But, seriously, we'd appreciate the prayer.



Anonymous said...

What a blessing!! GREAT news about your kidney:) I'm so happy she saw Nothing and actually shared what she knew w/you! Things are realllly looking up for you health wise! AMEN:)
I'll be praying for Leyton.