Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Again, can you spot the differences in personality here? Leyton ate his cake on the run and all I was able to capture was the remnant of icing he was apparently saving for later (see lower lip area). Seth, a.k.a. sweet lover of the family, chose to disregard any utensils and use what God gave him; his fingers. Laci went the fork route (but later chunked it and followed Seth's methods).


CJ said...

So I rarely check my fertility blog and just did because I updated it. I read your comment about checking out the "wheat" thing and how it may affect fertility. Funny because I recently started reading and trying to "follow" a book called Eat Right For Your Type. I too should not be eating wheat, dairy, or meat. Huh? Well, I've been working on all that for about a month and I do feel much better. Wheat is the hardest to cut, but I've moved to soy and eat mostly chicken and fish. Anyway, thanks for the tip. It's more motivation to stick with what I'm supposed to be eating and keep away from the wheat.