Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot Springs

We're back! And maybe you never even knew we were gone, only hint was probably the "lack" of posting being done on my blog. Although social networking can be quite addicting, I did enjoy a true vacation from Tweeting, Blogging, FB-ing, and e-mailing. We went with my family and some friends to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We had a wonderful time! Last year we went to San Antonio for a week and it was ROUGH. The babies age and my illness have made vacations very tiring in the past. It is hard to enjoy anything when you are trying to map out every bathroom from one stop to the next, much less keep tabs on toddling two year olds. But, I must say, one year makes all the difference (and a healed mama makes for a better trip as well).

We hiked, we biked, we canoed, we jet-skied, we swam, we saw alligators, we pet goats, we fed deer, we shopped, we went to Tiny Town, we toured Anthony's Chapel, we rode the Mountain Tower and saw all of Hot Springs from a really high elevation, we Euro Bungied, we traveled through Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and back again- and we did it all with only three buckets of "carsick throw up" from Leyton. Lake Hamilton is beautiful and we will surely make that trip sometime again. Definitely reminded me a lot of the Texas Hill Country.

Pictures coming soon!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So glad you guys had a great trip and was able to do so much..Sorry for poor Leyton:(