Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extra Extra Read All About It

Whoever thought work could feel like a vacation? Apparently, work can ABSOLUTELY feel like a vacation. I went to Huntsville yesterday afternoon for the night and stayed with my grandmother. I was long overdue for a visit with ALL of my grandparents who happen to ALL live in Huntsville. I went to call on churches in the Huntsville area for my new job with Worlds of Wow.

You can check out their website at:

Although it was kind of hard for me to leave the "trips" I did enjoy the time off. Matter of fact, it felt a little like a guessed it...vacation. 24 hours of silence can do wonders for the mind and body.

In other news, I got my first story published via blog a few days ago. Another big thanks to Karen Jordan for helping me along my little "writing way." I really appreciate you! You can check out that story @: or

In "triplet prayer" news, I am SO glad I asked them to start praying on their own. Before starting this new trend at night, I have always been the one to pray for everyone. Although they say small prayers throughout the day and we talk about prayer, I never (until last week) started giving them "the spotlight" to pray before bedtime. I have been rolling at some of the things they say. I can already tell, I am going to have to make a book of "triplet prayers" now. Tonight:


Dear Jesus (a language that sounded much like chinese to which I understood none of it...giggling...more chinese...amen). Robb said he must have been speaking in tongues! I got a good laugh at his "daddy humor" on that one.


Dear Jesus thank you so much for letting me have fun today with Ooey (nanny). I had fun. Thanks for letting me have fun and ride in mommies car.


Dear Jesus thank you for Seth and Leyton. Thank you so much that we got to ride in mommies car and eat at Don Boni (their favorite mexican restaurant in town).

And as far as Robb and I...well I am in my usual "blogspot" while he is giving himself a "pedicure" just like H-nail does. I wish I had a camera to show you the setup that he has. TV tray with "healthy nail gel," and foot cream (along with the sippy cup, Uncle Sam hat, Sonic cup, and laci's hair bow). A foot massager filled with Epsom salt vibrating and "healing" his little toe-toes. And since he filled the massager up to the brim he had to go get a plastic promotional cup to catch the water coming out the end and spilling onto the floor. Life doesn't get much better than this in the Kirkland household. We live to elevate the everyday!