Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tales from the crib: Same Womb, Distinctly Different

I love telling people about the babies "in-utero" personalities and how they compare with today.


Leading the way (in-utero), leading the way still today.
Favorite playmate (in-utero) was Seth, even true today.


Moving non-stop (in-utero), moving non-stop (and getting faster by the day).
(In-utero) wouldn't leave Laci alone, today cannot keep his hands off of her.


Valued his personal space (in-utero), prefers to play alone or with me.
Chilled and relaxed (in-utero), relaxed and high on life today.

Same womb: distinctly different personalities.

We've started a new nighttime routine. Bible story and then each of them says a prayer, then I pray to close. Here's a run-down of each of their prayers:

Laci (loudly):

"Dear Jesus, thank you for our chichen and wice that you gave us for some food. Thank you for the food. We loved the chichen and wice, Jesus. And thank you so much for my fingers. AMEN!"

Leyton (whispering):

"Jesus, thank you for my bandaid over my bobo. It bleeding. Thank you so that it not hurt anymore with the bandaid. And the bandaid make it feel better. Amen!"

Seth (whispering):

"Dear Jesus, thank you for my pillow and blanket. Amen."

Same womb: Distinctly different.


Anonymous said...

awww Very cool:) IT sure is amazing how that works. Their prayers are precious! God is awesome!!! and your babies already know that :)

Anonymous said...

Such grateful children you're raising. They know something that many adults don't..we can actually use our prayer time to thank God for what He has given us instead of rattle off our reqests like we're at a fast food window.. "God I want u to do this, this, and this amen." I bet He really enjoys some thank you's!