Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tales from the Crib: Little Prayers, BIG impact

I thought I would share a teachable moment that happened in our house a few weeks ago. As you all know I have a wheat allergy (I know someone hit repeat again, didn't they?). Oh well. What you don't know is how God allowed us to teach the babies about answered prayer in regards to my getting that diagnosis.

About two weeks ago, prior to the wheat revelation, I was not feeling well. This day in particular had been much worse than normal. Kids are smart and not much get past mine. Leyton had already asked me several times, "Are you okay mommy?" and Laci had chimed in a few times too, "Your belly hurt mommy?" Not wanting them to feel the burden of my sickness, I thought it was a good time to let them pray with me instead of lying and saying "no I'm fine" when I really was not.

So, we prayed. I told them that "Yes, mommy's tummy hurt really bad- will someone pray to Jesus for me?" Laci said "I do" and we folded our hands. Her prayer was:

"Dear Jesus - please heal mommy's belly. Thank you. AMEN!"

So, I thanked them all for stopping their "playtime" and saying a prayer for me. The blessing is that a few days later I got the diagnosis of being allergic to wheat. I was able to go back to them and remind them of their prayer for me and then got to tell them how God heard and he healed me. I really enjoyed seeing their smiles as they realized that they actually helped me feel better with their prayers. Since then, I have heard all of them at one time or another chattering like little raccoons about Jesus "healing mommy's belly." Laci's chatter in the form of a song about Jesus, mommy's belly, and even Moses made an appearance in her tune. Leyton and Seth have chatted together about it while playing with Laci's dollhouse (shh...we won't tell Laci her dollhouse was invaded).

Your kids are never too young to learn about who God is and what He can do. I was six years old when I gave my life to the Lord and Robb was five. That is only a few years older than my children are today (wow- I cannot fathom that). Take advantage of your teachable moments! Little prayers sometimes have the biggest impact!



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