Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quite the Day

2 circles around the block. 9 floors for a parking spot. Down to level 2 crosswalk. Hang 1 left. Hang 1 right. Up to floor 12. Remarkable view of the medical center and a tiny white feather aimlessly floating through the air. Not attached to a bird mind you. I am sure he had plenty more to cover for his loss.

I went to the Urologist today because things haven't felt right since my surgery in December. Let's just say that my bladder, poor thing, has not been completely empty since DECEMBER! Since we are talking numbers, they drained 2 cups of urine out of my bladder (after I had already used the restroom). I was expecting a consultation and instead I got a minor procedure. Hmm...too bad minor doesn't mean that the pain was minor. It was not minor pain, just a minor procedure. But, I got to watch it all on a little black screen. Quite fascinating, but again...quite painful actually.

It's kind of like spring cleaning projects around my house. I set out to clean a year's worth of junk with high expectations that my house will be neat and tiday once finished. BUT, you start "cleaning" and the junk seems to multiply and you soon find yourself buried under papers, reading every note you find, looking at pictures, and finding things you forgot you had. Then, you have a bigger mess than you started with. It was a bit like this phenomenon today. I went in to the doctor to get rid of my pain and came out feeling worse than ever. Oh and my urine is blue. Now, that is just interesting. I'm not sure how it happened, but it is quite blue. Quite fascinating...but definitely quite blue.

Renal ultrasound on Tuesday. Back for a check-up in a month. I'm shooting for a pain-free vacation to Hot Springs in June. That gives me a month exactly to be pain-free and doctor-free. Time to bring out my healing scriptures again.