Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Live the Apostrophe

I have wonderful news! The apostrophe key lives on. After much careful inspection, I was able to restore the "quotation" (see) key and the apostrophe key to its' proper working order. Actually, I just mashed it really hard until it stuck again. I am not sure if it is a "permanent" fix or just "temporary." And therefore, I can "quote" and "apostrophe" my readers to death! Long live the apostrophe key.

We had a really fun night playing volleyball at the church tonight. Robb pretended he was an Olympian playing sand volleyball and I, well, just tried to perfect my underhand serve. Volleyball is not my forte, but it is a LOT of fun. Every Thursday night from 6:30 - 8:00 the young adults at our church will be playing some kind of sport. We have had really impressive numbers...7...the first week...10...tonight. Now, don't snicker - we live in a small town and for a new event, that is excellent. Next week, I believe the vote is for flag football (which I haven't played since college). But, I will bravely participate and hopefully not get picked last.

On a different note, I have become the queen of supplements (well kind of). My nutritionist thinks I need digestive enzymes to help break down my food. So, I am taking digestive enzymes to help break down my food (did I mention I am taking digestive enzymes to help break down my food)? Oh, sorry...sidetracked. Which brings me to another really important discovery...vegetables in pill form. Now, why have I never known that vegetables (which I hate mind you) come in pill form??!?!?!? All these years, I could have been swallowing vegetables instead of A) not eating them at all (which I am naturally inclined to do) or B) gagging while trying to ingest them! But, the word on the street is that vegetables do indeed come in pill form. So, per my nutritionist, I am now taking digestive enzymes and vege-pills. He said he needed to "feed me." I think I chuckled that someone actually looked at ME and said "you need to be fed." Go ahead, laugh with me- it is quite funny when you know that I need to lose 25 lbs. Don't be shy...I'll give you a second to get it out.


Okay, are you finished already!

So, that brings my supplements to:
1) Acidophilus for digestive health
2) Digestive enzymes to help break down my food
3) Powdered cherries, asparagus, broccoli, turnips, kitchen sink, etc... to drink in the morning in apple juice.
4) "Green" food - which is basically brussel sprouts, asparagus, & alfalfa in pill form.

Apparently, by "feeding me" he is bringing my body into balance (as it has been WAY out of balance for several years). I am very appreciative, though, that someone is willing to teach me to do this naturally without medication. A blessing in disguise.