Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gluten Free Picks & Pitfalls of the Week

We'll start with the winners:

Bob's Red Mill Brownie mix - Although cooked it's a bit closer to cake consistency, this was rather tasty and did the trick for my sweet craving. I'll give it a 7 of 10 for flavor.

Snikiddy Snacks - organic mac n cheese puffs. Taste a little lighter than regular cheese puffs and a 9 of 10 for taste.

Pacific Natural Foods - For all your free range soup broths. I can go along way mentally on soups alone - I love soups of all kinds. This line is organic and gluten free. Also, comes in 1/2 sodium option. 10 of 10 on this.

Mrs. Leeper's - Fabulous! Beef Stroganoff made w/rice pasta. Wheat and gluten free. I have to say that this was BETTER than any Hamburger helper I have had. Go Mrs. Leeper! Just need box, milk, water, and butter. And quantity fed all of us with a lot left over. 10 for 10 on taste

Bionaturae - Spaghetti noodles. Made w/rice, potato, and soy. Organic and gluten free. These noodles tasted no different to me than regular pasta. Only difference is the water turns cloudy as the noodles boil. And do not rinse gluten free pasta. Otherwise, 9 of 10 for taste.

Kettle Chips - In case I forgot to mention these last post, 10 for 10 on taste. All kettle chips are no artificial flavors, no preservatives, gluten free etc... These are a really nice snack! Flavors of choice: Barbeque and Salt & Vinegar.

Not so fabulous for my taste buds:

Glutino's gluten free breakfast bars: ummm...can't say that I finished even half of it. Not for me, but maybe for some. 1 of 10 for taste.