Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gluten Free on Day 3

Can I just say that "wheat" is in everything! Wheat is in EVERYTHING! Except for of course fruit, vegetables, and meat. Hmmm... the way God intended us to eat I suppose. The good news is that Super HEB has a gluten free aisle, so here are some things that I was able to purchase (I'll let you know their "taste" rating as I try them).

First, Bob's Red Mill brand carries gluten, wheat, and dairy free mixes for things like pizza crust, biscuit mix, etc... To check out more from them, you can go to their website:

Second, made by Glutino are some gluten/wheat, milk, casein and egg free pretzels. I have to say, I think these taste BETTER than regular pretzels. They are lighter, but really good. They do contain soy if you are sensitive to that. You can check them out at: I give them a 5 for 5 on taste!

{Insert: Tales from the Crib: All got real quiet as I was posting a minute ago, so I stopped to find Seth and Leyton in the bathroom dipping out the toilet water and dumping it on the bathroom floor. While also, "washing" our winter beanies in the remaining toilet water along with our new lacing cards they got for their birthday. Soaking wet from head to toe in toilet water - we will be taking a bath once they are out of time out!}

For you chip lovers (like me), HEB's Central Market Organics brand of tortilla chips are tasty and made with corn. I give those a 5 for 5 as well!



Jan said...

you need to get Elisabeth Hasselback's new book The G-Free Diet. She says her whole family eats that way.

Jessica Kirkland said...

Yes, funny thing. When I got back from the doctor and went back to the office, first thing I did was check my email. There was a yahoo news feed advertising her "gluten free" lifestyle. I am definitely going to go buy it. She was also on Rachal Ray today promoting it.