Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gluten Free Day...hmmm...23!

So, its (yes I know I did not put an apostrophe there - my apostrophe key just literally popped off. So, no there will be no more of those on my blog. Apostrophes are out. And no, I am not sure if that is how to spell apostrophe...apostraphe...apostrafeeee.... And yes, I was BRIEFLY on the (I know) Spelling Team at my school, but those days are over. Just like the apostrophes days are also over).

So, its been 23 days minus gluten. My stomach problems have ceased altogether. I am no longer (and havent been since the 3rd day off gluten) on any medications for my stomach problems. I am not dependent on those drugs (thats a praise)! I am adapting quite well. I have become the queen of HOLD ON LET ME CHECK THE INTERNET TO SEE IF I CAN EAT THAT (and yes I would normally put that in quotation marks if the apostrophe key and the quote key were not, in fact, the exact same key that LITERALLY popped off approximately 2 minutes ago). So, yes now my quotations will have to be emphasized with capital letters I suppose (I realize it doesnt quite have the same effect-but whats a girl to do that now has no apostrophe key OR quotation key)!

So, its been 23 days minus gluten. A few items that have been traded out include:

Soy Sauce (Wal-Mart brand) is gluten free. Purchased some of that yesterday and made a very tasty chinese dish.

Ground beef, baby corn, bean sprouts, onion, green onion, and rice. Quite tasty...

Worchestershire Sauce (Lea & Perrins) is gluten free. I already used this, but now I make sure if I am eating somewhere else that they are using it as well. Some brands use malt vinegar which would send me into a nauseated, heaving mess.

Mustard (Frenchs ) is gluten free.

Annies Fruit snacks - Can be purchased at Whole Foods and probably Super HEB (mine came from whole foods). These are incredibly good, way better than any normal gummy snack.

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars - also gluten free (thank you Elizabeth Hasselbeck for that tip).

As far as eating out is concerned, well I am not stable enough for that I have decided. Contamination has proven to be almost inevitable as I have tried it several times and been unsuccessful. Even though I order foods that cannot possibly contain gluten, like baked potatoes etc... something inevitably makes me ill after eating out. Matter of fact, the only place I have successfully eaten out and not been sick was at Pappadeauxs Seafood. Now, I did get boiled shrimp (which never would have the opportunity to be contaminated), but they were quite accommodating to my illness. I told the waitress about my problem and she brought the manager out who was very sympathetic and offered me special preparations in preparing my food. She said she would be happy to fry fish or shrimp in cornmeal and make sure the grill is not contaminated if I wanted to change my order. I was grateful for someone who took my health to heart. Much appreciative to Pappadeauxs (even if I cant appropriately give it the apostrophe it deserves).



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are doing better Jess! I have to say I'm also feeling better today/this week than I have in over a year. I havne't had to ice, heat, chiro or anything..I have not seen your doc yet, but the first second I feel something I shouldn't I'm calling him! Happy Friday!