Monday, May 4, 2009


Today was a very good day. I thought I would share.

This morning I went to have a blood test done to test for food allergies. The receptionist told me it would be $200 out of my pocket for the allergy test alone. Then, of course, payment for my doctor visit. When I got there, since I paid in full last time (forgetting to give my insurance card), I actually had a $68 dollar credit instead!


After finding out I was allergic to wheat, I got to use that money that I saved to go by Super HEB and buy me some "gluten free" foods. Although most people might consider finding out you have a wheat allergy a bad thing, I consider it to be a "mighty revelation" as the discover probably rounds off my healing in full. The truth always sets us free! Wheat allergy for me = freedom from daily illness! YAY!


After finding out I was allergic to wheat and buying gluten free groceries, I drove back home to unload them. Apparently I set my cell phone on the bumper of my car to unload them and forgot. Unloaded, got in my car, and drove the 2 miles up the road to the office. Not knowing that I had left my phone on the bumper, I was in the office no less than 5 minutes when I got a phone call from my nanny. She called to tell me that my phone was at the verizon store...huh? That is what I said. Apparently, my phone flew off my bumper somewhere in between and landed at the feet of a passerby from Louisiana. My nanny, having forgot to ask me a quick question, called my phone to discuss and a man answered. He told her that he found my cell phone on the side of the road and was returniing it to the Verizon store! What a nice man (I prayed a blessing over him promptly)!


After finding out I was allergic to wheat, buying gluten free groceries, and flinging my cell phone off my bumper onto Hwy 90, I called my doctors office to discuss a bill. Now, in December I had a hysterectomy and hernia repair. I was calling to set up payments to pay my $5,000 bill. The lady informed me that since they had to get a new tax id number, they were having to absorb some of the procedures in the month of December. They chose mine. I don't owe them anymore money! Bill wiped clean!

What an EXTRAordinary day!



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