Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 8 - Gluten Free

I am in awe. It has been a little over a week since I kissed gluten goodbye. What immeasurable suffering that sticky protein has caused me. I am in awe that "gluten" has been the culprit of most all the debilitating problems I have been suffering from for 6 years now. Now, that I have kissed gluten goodbye, my body is at total peace. Yes, endometriosis was a large contributor to my problems, but now I wonder what role this allergen might have played in the development of that as well. Today, I killed some time in B & N and read a little about my new found lifestyle. Book after book gave repeated testimonies of people healed from Multiple Sclerosis, IBS, Dementia, Blindness, Developmental delays, stunted growth in children, kidney disease, ulcerative colitis, simply by removing wheat and other gluten containing foods from their diet. Apparently, celiac disease can be genetic or jumpstarted from trauma: childbirth, surgeries, exposures to harmful chemicals etc... It is impossible to recount all the information I have poured over for the last week, but I do know what has happened in me. So, first I will have to give every detail of my symptoms. {Disclaimer: for the easily embarrassed - you might want to stop reading here).

Rt. side abdominal pain
Internal shaking feeling
Itching (all over body)
Cystic Ovaries
Lack of menses
Tingling of the neck and shoulders
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue ( and no even before having triplets)
Sporadic breathing difficulty (often after meals)
Chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating ( a picture of beauty I realize)
Nausea (also mid-meal or shortly after)
Internal adhesions
Kidney stones
Cysts (ovaries, liver, thyroid, and kidneys)
Bladder pain
Muscle pain - chronic (head to toe)

So, after my hysterectomy alot of these symptoms went from daily problems to weekly problems. Some new symptoms also appeared and some got worse.

The bladder pain was a new thing. Also, the kidney cyst is new plus the thyroid cyst - also new. The chronic muscle pain got much worse since my surgery. The chronic abdominal swelling got better, but more acute and seemingly more meal related. The internal shaking remained, but the tingling got worse as well. So, what's my point?

One week wheat free and all my symptoms are completely gone! I have not felt like this since I was a teenager. Now, I have one more hill to climb (checking the kidney cysts) and I will finally feel well for the first time since delivering my babies. And I have lost 4 lbs this week (20 more to go...)!


P.S. I would also like to say that twice this past week I accidentally ingested wheat (which was labeled as "modified food starch" once and another time in some steak seasoning I used) and both times I immediately got violently ill. Since I cut it out, my encounters with gluten have gotten surprisingly more extreme.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyy!!!! What a blessing! I called humble wellness-I plan on seeing them w/in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing!