Sunday, May 24, 2009

Connect The Dots

They were wrinkled like nothing my little girl eyes had ever seen. I was amazed at how the skin just hung and gathered in a pile, yet still remained attached to her arms. Oddly enough, I loved the way her hands felt. She was old and I was just a child. I was drawn to her like a magnet and one of my favorite things to do in her lap was trace the wrinkles up and down her arm with my finger. After all, I was always a connect the dots kind of girl.

My great-grandmother, was a beautiful woman (even with a name like "Johnnie"). So beautiful, that one day, a group of movie producers straight off the train from Hollywood tried to whisk her away with them. The story went like this: She and my great-grandfather were at the train station when some Hollywood producers stepped off the train and saw her standing off in the distance. They looked her way and said, "Look, there she is!" and offered her a life of fame and fortune if she would just pick up her life and move to Hollywood. "John Lowe," my great grandfather, said no like any sane man would have who wanted to hold on to his woman. They grew up together and dated from a very young age. She used to say their love affair started when he "pulled her hair at the picture show one day." Johnnie worked as a telephone operator when most women would not have dreamed of such a thing. John Lowe worked at the local lumber yard. Since they lived through the great depression, they saved every dime they had. One of her favorite things to do was shop (I guess I inherited that honestly). In her later years, our visits almost always included a trip to the Lufkin mall to shop for "panties and socks" (essentials in her eyes).

Although we thought that Corrigan, Texas had to be the most boring place on the face of the Earth, it is where "John Lowe" and "Johnnie" fell in love and raised their family. Even though my family lived in a small town growing up, Corrigan seemed slower and simpler than what we were even used to. It seems like a lifetime ago since I embroidered my first duck pillow on her sofa and swung with my cousins on her front porch swing. Thousands of days have gone by since I curled up in her lap for a good 'ole game of "connect the dots" with her wrinkles. I know that Heaven has touched her body, but I cannot help but hope Heaven left some wrinkles for me.


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Boom! thats good!