Thursday, April 16, 2009

"WOW" - Who Knew?

The long story short: I have a new job. Or I suppose you could call it an "additional" job. I must say that God continually surprises me. Last August, I started a new venture, Kirkland Apparel Company. At the time, I was deathly ill and desperate. Endometriosis had ravaged my body, to put it mildly. At the time, Robb and I were desperate financially. Don't get me wrong, God has always provided for us. We have not lacked in regards to material things, but it was never because our bank account was overflowing-actually quite the contrary. I have posted about this before - our "instant family" took a large toll on our finances. This past summer, we had finally drained our savings and it was time for me to go back to work. The dilemma? How does a girl get a job and keep a job that spends the first 5 hours of each day deathly ill in the bathroom. {Side note- Did you know that Endometriosis looks like cobwebs inside a woman's body - sticking, attaching, and growing one's insides together? Neither did I}.

This brings me back to desperate. I knew our finances were in trouble. I also knew that I was in trouble and had been. For three years, I had been dragging (literally dragging) myself to specialist after specialist begging for answers to my daily dilemma. My body hurt from about the neck down, everything I ate went straight through me (even water), and no one could tell me why. Yet, I had to work. So, the most logical solution: start my own company, right? So, I did. I figured self-employment was the only way that "the boss" wouldn't let me go and I could be as late as I needed to work. Yes, I know - I was accommodating my illness, but even if I hadn't it was "never" accommodating to me. So, I ran down to the courthouse, filed a dba, moved into an empty office at my dad's company, and bought some business cards. God blessed it. It is growing. Besides selling advertising products b2b, Kirkland Apparel is branching out into our own line of kid t-shirts. So far, Texas Kid Company, in Beaumont, Texas is carrying our designs and we are starting a custom project for a local boutique. In addition, we have hired a College Station Sales Rep and one in the Waco area. They started this past Monday. I am having fun. Thankfully, after my surgery in December, I am functioning. Oh yes...the new job....

Let's just say that despite my passion for my own company, God has criss-crossed my life with a wonderful company in the Ft. Worth area called Worlds of Wow. They design, fabricate, and install play equipment (and do theming) for churches. In one sentence, they "transform the way churches reach the next generation." Now, for God's hand in preparing my heart for this venture. About 2 years ago, Robb built a swingset for the babies. We thought we might venture into the world of "playground equipment sales." I thought about what a rewarding career we could have as a family in that area. Triplets, playtime, play equipment, sales. My mind was all a whirl with ideas and a little speck of passion for such a business was planted in my heart. We came up with a business name and decided that we would post a few swingsets on the Internet, see if they would sell, and if it worked we might just start our own company. BUT THEN, the builder (Robb) decided he didn't want to do that and frankly he had NO time for such an endeavor. We put that thought aside (and for the best). In my personal life, I have been feeling God's call into the ministry. No, not to be a preacher, but a call just the same. Several Sundays, I felt God speaking and letting me know that he did have a place for me in that realm, but I never got any specific details. Within the last 2 years, God has really placed young families and church growth on my heart. Recently, my pastor and I have had several discussions where we asked these particular questions: "How do we get young people to our church?" "We need to minister to their children!" "We have to target young families if we want our church to grow and not die off." Etc...

A random trip to the Humble mall, a mind that is constantly brainstorming business ideas, an e-mail, a few phone calls, and one WHOPPING, LOVING, CARING God who has orchestrated it all.... I am now the outside sales rep for this wonderful new company (that is if a title would technically be given). I will be calling on churches in this area and connecting them with Worlds of Wow.

A complete marriage of all my passions - children, play equipment, young families, church growth, ministry, and sales! God is good. WOW - Who knew? Apparently God did and I am grateful.

Check out some of their projects: or on their blog

Is God in the details or what?!?!