Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome home baby bird!

As much as we hated to see it happen so quickly, Seth was coming home. Long and lanky. Big feet, big hands, and a "never to be missed" BIG nose. Not an ounce of fat on him. Animal comparison = little bird. He did not follow in the footsteps of the pigs that had come home the previous week. Fragile. I remember the one time my mammaw and pappaw got to come see the babies in the NICU, they smiled as they passed Leyton and Laci, and winced when the arrived at Seth's bedside. He was just so small, they feared for his survival. And so did we. We were not ready to care for this fragile child. We adamantly disagreed with their decision to discharge him so early. But, we had no choice. The insurance company was the hammer responsible for actually kicking him out (thank you very much)!

Nonetheless, on Tuesday, May 23rd, Seth Brandon Kirkland came home. He had climbed from 3.2 oz to almost 5 lbs. He came with the a little more baggage than his brother and sister: apnea monitor, oxygen tank, and oral caffeine. Although he was small, he was feisty. He had been the wildcard in the womb. I could tell he was going to be the most active child of the three. He was constantly on the go, dodging the nurses attempts to monitor his heartrate. Even before he was born, we had given him "Brandon" as a middle name after Robb (because we thought he would be on the go like his daddy). And we were right. Another striking similarity was his need for caffeine (again - like Robb). Today, Seth is the BIGGEST of the three children. He is almost a full 2 inches taller than both Laci and Leyton. He is also heavier. Still on the go and still keeping us on our toes. Likes: puppies, trucks, singing, golf carts, choo-choos, and "Fible" aka "An American Tail". The doctors said we would lose him, but they were wrong. God had a different plan and we are grateful. He completes our trio and we would be lost without him.