Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Down

She came home with luggage. A heart monitor to be exact. If her heart rate got too low or too high, the monitor screamed. If she went too many seconds without breathing, the monitor screamed. For the first time ever, Robb and I enjoyed being screamed at. Over the next nine months, we would develop a love/hate relationship with these screaming machines. We despised their inconvenience, yet loved the peace of mind they would bring to our days and nights. With their aid, we would not have to worry as much about SIDS or any other deadly surprises.

We had made it through our first night home with Laci and things seemed pretty easy. One child = not so hard. The very next day, we would get a phone call that Leyton was also ready to come home. Bloodwork results had hindered him from coming home with Laci the day before. "We can do two babies" we told ourselves. Two Adults = Two babies - it shouldn't be too difficult. So, the following day my sister and I ventured back to Woman's Hospital to pick up baby #2. My first carseat install in front of the "carseat police" as we lovingly called them.

Leyton Carter Kirkland was home. He was a plump 5 lbs. He, like Laci, also reminded us of a pig. His tendencies leaned a bit more towards the guinea pig family rather than a good ole farm pig. His noises were cute. He was as relaxed outside the womb as he was inside. Perfectly proportioned from head to toe. We stayed in awe of how God had been so good to us. We were so undeserving of all these "little people." Thankfully, God doesn't reward us according to our works. His system is based on grace. Two down, one to go.