Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tales from the Crib: When did my kitchen turn into a lake?

The irony is that right before this odd occurrence, I had been online searching for "lakehouses" to rent for our family vacation. What I didn't realize is that my house would quickly become a "lake" house, just not in the way most houses are "lake" houses. Thank you Seth and Leyton. My cell phone rang and as is the norm, I couldn't hear the person on the other end. SO, I quickly stepped into the next room. Ever left a trio of triplets alone for more than a few minutes? I could bring mine over and we can see what can happen to your house in a "few" minutes. :) I heard Seth giggling and so I popped my head around the corner. No harm, he was sitting on the kitchen floor giggling. So, I kept talking (imagine- me keep talking? I know!).

LITERALLY, about 3 minutes later I walk into the kitchen to find... drumroll please. None other than Leyton and Seth standing by the refrigerator door, holding the water dispenser down so that water flowed freely on their heads and subsequently my kitchen floor! I scream "WHAT ARE YA"LL DOING?!?!?"

"Takin' shower mommy!" "Got hair wet!" Ya think?

The entire kitchen floor had about an inch of water on it. Water slowly crept down the hall and beneath my dining table. Laci, shocked by her brothers bad behavior, hollers "Leyton and Seth need the no-no stick! I will get it!"

Can you imagine how pink rubber boots and a slick floor wouldn't mesh well together? As Laci was decked out in a t-shirt and her pink flower rubber boots (which she sported until naptime). But, never fear - I caught her just in time and we ALL participated in the cleanup.


Jana Post said...

Whit has been very interested in our water dispenser on our fridge. Just in case Seth has been sending him ESP or something... I have been locking it! :o) What fun, right!?!

Anonymous said...

;-) I loved that