Thursday, April 2, 2009

On My Mind

I have alot on my mind today. First, I am in pain- again. Or shall I say, I have been in pain since my surgery in December, just a different kind of pain. Out with the old - in with the new. I have been living a pretty "normal" life for two months. Now, my pain returns or rather has gotten to the point that it is bothering me. I know there are so many people with much worse problems than me, but I just want to be healthy. I want to take care of my children and just be normal. I want to NOT be in pain. I need to be well to work. I need to work to pay our bills. I need to pay our bills - well you know why. I need healing. I need your prayers. I will be at the doctor again tomorrow to discuss this problem. Pray for wisdom for him. He has helped me to this point and I need his wisdom to help me cross the finish line of this long, exhausting journey. I am tired.

Secondly, where are the Republicans hiding in Washington DC? I am astounded by all the talk of "one world currencies" and "global solutions" being tossed around liberally by our beloved President. As you can probably guess, I did not vote for Obama. However, what is done is done. And I have been hopeful that he would not be the "puppet" that I have suspected him to be for power-hungry liberals like the Clintons. I am disappointed. I am not a political analyst nor do I claim to know alot, but is no one else besides Fox News upset about what is going on? Have you ever seen a President move so quickly to change policy as Obama has? There isn't even a need to read between the lines. Don't you think it is odd how other countries are so quick to embrace him? Of course they are embracing him - because in his attempt to get our economy back on track, in his attempt to be so politically correct, and in his attempt to pacify those who are really controlling him - he is bankrupting our country. I find it so transparent that those who have hated us are embracing him. They aren't embracing him for the sake of diplomacy, they are embracing him because he is the key to put their nations in a superior position to ours. Obama is their ticket to finally kicking America in the pants and ousting us as the superpower we have been since our nations conception. I cannot believe this is happening!

Third, I have been praying hard for Baby Stellan. Baby Stellan is a miracle, not expected to live, but has defied odds in his five months of life. I have followed his blog for sometime now and cannot help but cry everytime I read of his struggle. Please join me in prayer for him. His heart is having trouble staying on rhythm and he needs our prayers. You can view his story at:



CJ said...

Praying for you. :)