Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Yesterday

Just yesterday Robb and I sat nervously at a fertility doctor, hoping we would one day become parents.
Just yesterday we were told we were having quadruplets.
Just yesterday we lost one along the way.
Just yesterday Robb and I were curled up on our dualing hospital beds, both gaining pregnancy weight. :)
Just yesterday A,B, and C were being wheeled into the NICU.
Just yesterday we were praying I would be able to live to see A,B, and C grow up.
Just yesterday we were knee deep in diapers, aspirators, bottles, and blankets.
Just yesterday we were honing our swaddling and burping skills.
Just yesterday Leyton spent his days hopping on his bottom across our playroom.
Just yesterday Laci was a contortionist toddler.
Just yesterday Seth was the smallest of the three, but doing everything first!
Just yesterday they were 1 year old.
Just yesterday they were 2 years old.

TODAY, they are three! And today, we are so happy to be their parents. Thank you God for our precious babies and the blessings of watching them grow.



Anonymous said...

AMEN To that!;-)
Now thats some good Change! w/a capital C

gamichess said...

I have really missed my babies! Happy Birthday Laci, Leyton and Seth