Thursday, April 30, 2009

Divine Intervention

For story-telling purposes we will call her Kim. Kim and I had been friends since grade school (did I just say grade school)? Kim and I had been friends since elementary school (yes, that's better). Unfortunately, as occurs sometimes with childhood friendships, busy schedules, boys, and probably assumption came between us. A fizzled friendship. Isn't it strange how some relationships just flatline? The good news is that a flatlined friendship is NOT the point of this post.

By the end of high school I was moving forward. What a blessing my high school experience had been! I realize some people despise their youth, but I truly enjoyed mine. Was it always a bed of roses? No of course not, but still an enjoyable time in my life. I had a really good group of girl friends, but this one friendship always knawed at my mind. I guess since I couldn't figure out "why" it had failed it bothered me more than ever.

It was October and I was headed home, yet again, for another wedding during my sophomore year at Baylor. A string of weddings marked this as my 3rd weekend to make the flight from Waco to Liberty. I was in a routine and I was thoroughly enjoying the view. Praise cd in the cd drive. Just me and Goldeneye on the road again (Goldeneye was my Ford Probe lovingly named by an ex-boyfriend actually). :0 As I approached my favorite look-out point near Centerville, my mind and heart were instantly burdened for Kim. A few sidenotes...

Kim and I hadn't spoken very much since our Junior year.
Kim and I had spoken once since high school.
Kim and I had planned one trip for her to visit me at Baylor and I ultimately got kind of stood up.
I had washed my hands of Kim hurt by her continual disregard for my attempts at being her friend and my inability to answer the "why" in our fizzled friendship.

Up and down each scenic lookout, I began to pray for Kim. My heart softened for this girl that had once shared her lunch with me, but stood me up more times than I could count. I prayed for her and wondered why I felt so burdened. I had not even given her a thought for atleast a year. But, God was calling on me to pray for her on that day. So, I prayed and prayed - the burden got heavier. Was she hurt? Was she dead? My mind imagined the worst, but my heart said to keep on praying. For about 45 minutes I lifted this girl up to the Lord in hopes that the intercessory prayer would help her. And then, as quickly as it came, the burden left. And Goldeneye and I bumped along down the highway headed home for wedding #3.

In late December, when I was home for Winter break, I went to watch my brother, William, play his basketball game at my old school. As we were herded through the front door to find our seats, standing right in front of me was Kim. I HAD to know if that day was truly a God-inspired intercessory prayer session for my old friend


if (as I had of course misplaced my mustard seeds of faith) had just let a memory of an old friendship get the best of my emotions that day. So, I told her what had happened and she looked at me kind of funny, got a little red-faced, and said "I was in a car wreck that day. Yeah, my car was totaled, but somehow I didn't even get a scratch on me. It was really weird."


Sometimes our "weird" might actually be a miracle straight from God's throneroom. Not only did God answer a prayer for "Kim" that day, but He taught me a few lessons in the process. I learned:

1) to try my hardest to never let negative emotions keep me from praying for someone in need.

2) to never dismiss the Holy Spirit's leading or burden to pray for someone - pray even if you feel like you might be wrong in your interpretation.

3) to never count out God's ability to change my heart toward's a person.

4) to Always know that He cares about each little detail of my life and yours as well.

And as for Kim, well, I've got more stories where that one came from!