Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CHANGE, cHanGe, ChaNGE, cHaNgE

To change or not to change. If you stare at the word "change" long enough, the letters start to seem oddly joined together - like they shouldn't even function together as a word. Especially when you capitalize it: Change - see the capital letter makes it look even stranger if you stare long enough.

At first, "change" was the first word of this post. And I sat here, staring at it, analyzing it, and frankly I couldn't put my fingers to work to write anything beyond it. Isn't that exactly how change is? Sometimes we are afraid to move past it- afraid to dive into the unknown. Sometimes it is so much easier to just stay put, to stay comfortable.

Other times, we might be desperate for a change. Desperate for renewal, for healing, for contentment. It seems like when I am desperate for change, for something new, it eludes me. And then when you least expect it, change is there knocking on your door. But, how many times has this visitor caught me unexpectedly? Then, I dig my feet in and say "I'm not ready!" "Why have you picked me? I am comfortable tucked away in my little hole in Liberty TX!"

There are a few changes happening in our lives. Some are a welcome breath of fresh air. There are a few changes that I am PRAYING for, that may or may not come to fruition. But, no matter what, God is in control. He is my one Constant. And tonight, no matter what, I will be praying to see His powerful hand of change in my life. Now, that is one type of "change" worth welcoming daily. Because even when our futures seem uncertain, when God shows up things change. Sometimes our circumstances change and other times God just changes our hearts. His choice, but tonight I will be praying for some divine intervention in my small, but still important to Him details.