Saturday, April 25, 2009


Adaptation. Evolve or die, atleast that is how the first few months felt when the babies came home. Our lives were very very different now. First, we now had dependants- 3 of them. Tiny, pig-like, hungry, loud, snorting, crying new members of our family. These dependants ate and pooped. They ate about every 2 hours and they pooped about the same. We loved them dearly, but facts are facts, a new day had dawned.

We had changed cities. We now resided in Devers, TX. Although, not unfamiliar with this area, it was still a change. City to country. Convenience to a 20 minute drive to the store.

We were unsure of Robb's job situation. Robb was and still is a coach. He had been coaching in Willis, but now there was no way he could keep that job. This was a sore spot between us. I knew that he couldn't drive the 3 hour total commute each day (especially with the hours coaches work), but he loved his job and wasn't ready to move officially. He also had 2 schools he was willing to apply to in our area - neither had positions open. And despite all of these "things" we needed to hash out...

We were not alone. Round the clock rockers, family, and friends were always present. Thankfully, because we needed them, but an adjustment just the same. Robb and I were used to being alone, now that was not an option.

We were tired. Besides the fact that we had babies that were awake and hungry every 2 hours, we were mentally and physically exhausted. I had not had a good night sleep in about 3 months at that point, Robb had been on a HORRIBLE schedule between day job and nightly hospital stays to keep me company and had not slept in 6 weeks! And despite all the hands around to help, we couldn't rest. Our babies were small and our doctor had given us alot of rules to follow, to hand them over was difficult. We could not mentally rest.

But, the truth was, we HAD to adapt to survive. Change was here and we had to face it, embrace it, and then get good at it.


Anonymous said...

Man...seems like you guys have done a pretty darn good job:)