Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tales from the Crib: Goin' to Jesus' house

Every Sunday morning we pile into our car and head five minutes up the road to church. I have enjoyed seeing our children evolve. In the beginning, we would drop them at the nursery only to have them scream and plead to go anywhere but where we were leaving them. Heels dug into the carpet and little toddler bodies wrapped around our legs, are just a few memories I have of them in the beginning. Thankfully, it wouldn't be long before they WANTED us to go and leave them in "their room." A separation anxiety milestone. I enjoy their fascination with all things Sunday. They love...

...their "Vicky and Shae-Shae."
...singing Bible songs.
...snack time. me driving directions on how to get to church.
...showing me their craft projects.
...running in the fenced area behind their classroom after church.
...eating at Ikie's house for lunch.

They love Sundays and everything that day represents. Today, as we drove to church, Laci cheerfully stated that "We goin' to Jesus house mommy!" Proud of her, I agreed with her "Yes, Laci we are going to Jesus house - I am so proud you remembered that we go to Jesus house on Sundays." Laci's reply was "Yes, mommy, we go to Jesus house. Jesus loves you mommy and Jesus loves Laci too!"

My heart smiled.

They love all things Sunday and that comment certainly made mine. Little by little, they are learning about Jesus. Not only do they enjoy their time at church, but they are LEARNING! Little minds, BIG thoughts. I cannot wait to watch them grow to be who God made them to be. And hopefully one day, they will grow up to teach their children about all things "Sunday."


Candie said...

I'm so proud of the mommy you are sharing Jesus with your children. Thanks to my parents, I can't imagine being raised any other way. Your children will one day be sooo thankful!

Jessica Kirkland said...

I hope so. I remember when I was a young child in church, if my mom ever "teared up", we would be SOOO embarrassed that she was so emotional. hehe. I am sure it won't be long before they will be elbowing me and hoping I can hold it together. hehe