Monday, March 9, 2009

Tales from the Crib: The Bible

Despite my fear of them ripping apart the pages, I let my triplets play with a little red Bible that I have. It is an adult Bible, but it is small and they are fascinated with it. No pictures, just black and white words. They carry it around, flip through it, and have even slept with it from time to time.

Although, I haven't gotten to this part of the story on my blog, I had a first the other day. For the first time, I took my children (all three) to a baseball game by myself. Probably not so unusual for "normal" moms, but very unusual for me. I have been very sick (daily) with Endometriosis since I had them in April '06. What started as sporadic illness and discomfort, spiraled completely out of control after I had the babies. In October of this year, I FINALLY, got a real diagnosis for all my symptoms: Endometriosis. Common illness: Commonly misdiagnosed. A laparoscopic procedure, a hysterectomy, hernia repair, and a few months later - I am slowly becoming "normal." Physically I am 90% better. Thinking like a "healed" person is going to take a little more time I think.

So, pulling out of the driveway going to the game, I told the babies "Mommy gets to take you to daddy's baseball game today! Mommy is not sick anymore, God made mommy feel better." Of course they all chimed in, "mommy's tummy doesn't hurt anymore" and "mommy Bible feel better." In their own way, they understood Bible = God = feel better.

This morning, Seth brought me the little red Bible. He said, "I want to read it." So, trying to encourage him, I said "Did you learn about God and Jesus in your Bible yesterday at church?" He said "NOOOO!" "You didn't? Well what did you learn about in the Bible?" "Learned that Bible made mommy's bobo feel better."

If Seth only knew, how true his statement really was! In so many ways, I am alive only through God's healing work in my life; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Candie said...

Praise God for your healing! And praise God for the ways children express it. I loved the post!