Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet and Surreal

I had come full circle and was back to the Antepardum wing of the hospital. Postpardum was full, so I had to go where there was space. I really wanted to go see my babies who were on another floor in the NICU. It was so weird. I had just given birth to three babies and yet I couldn't hold them. Couldn't see them at the moment. Every mother dreams of the first time they get to hold their newborn baby, fulfillment of that dream would have to wait a little longer. Each of them was tucked away in their little pod - their artificial wombs. They were in good hands. The NICU at Texas Woman's Hospital is excellent and would continue to take wonderful care of our children.

Late that night I would finally get my wish - a wheelchair ride to the NICU to see my babies. Lots of tubes, so tiny, but such precious miracles. They were 9 weeks early and yet they looked like grandparents. :) They didn't have enough fat on them to fill out their skin, but they were still cute to me. I got to touch them through a hole in the incubator and a nurse even pulled Laci out and let me take a quick picture with her. She fit in the palm of my hand. When I look back at that picture, I am taken back to that night. Sweet and surreal.


Candie said...

We tried gonal-f in October but my follicles were not "as they wanted them to be" so they triggered me to ovulate but we didn't go through with the artificial insemination b/c the follicles weren't in their "prime". Because of the time off from work and the cost we had to put off continuing the treatments until this coming summer. Because I wasn't ovulating we went back on the clomid between now and then. Not sure now what we're going to do this summer. Plan A was to do three straight months of gonal-f and then be done with it all together (after all, I'm thankful for Cannon). But now we're willing to explore IVF and since we're considering that, I thought we might also be in prayer about adoption. Thanks for asking. WE'll most likely go with Plan A, but we want to explore the other two options just a little before June.